For as long as I’ve had my business, which is over 6 years now, I’ve been advocating for building an email list. This year is no different and building an email list is probably even more important than it was 6 years ago. 

Here’s why building your email list should be a priority this year.

1. It’s the only thing you have control over

With over 2.45 billion active Facebook users per month it’s almost certain that your audience is on Facebook, but even if they follow your Facebook business page or Facebook group you don’t have control over who sees your posts and who doesn’t. You don’t own social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or another platform, you’re basically at the mercy of the algorithm. Any of these platforms can change in an instant and in some cases it has even shut down accounts. 

Your email list subscribers are yours. They’ve given you their email address so that you can keep in touch. While you can’t completely control who sees your emails because it’s up to your subscribers to open their emails, you have a lot more chance of them seeing your emails than your social media updates. 

I refer to social media platforms as ‘rented land’ and when you rent something you’re not in control of what you can do with it. That’s why one of the main reasons to grow your email list is that you have control over it. 

2. Email subscribers are more likely to purchase

Being invited into someone’s inbox is a huge privilege. If someone gives you their email address they’re basically inviting you into their virtual home. Most people are pretty picky about who they let into their inbox, whereas they’re usually less picky about who they follow on social media.  

Treat your email list subscribers well, because they’ve invited you into their digital home. People on your email list are most likely loyal readers of your blog and newsletters, and maybe they even want what you’re selling if you engage them and offer them to work with you at times. 

You might be wondering if email is still a worthwhile marketing strategy. According to Hubspot, email generates a ROI of 3,800%, which means it’s still one of the most effective sales options available. Can’t beat those statistics I reckon.

3. It’s personal

When you’re using an email marketing platform, like ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign, you have the option to personalise your email and use someone’s name when addressing them. I don’t know about you but when I receive an email that’s directed at me it feels a lot more personal. 

There are lots of methods to personalise emails so that you can completely tailor their experience. For example, you can add people to specific email sequences that delivers them a series of emails that are in line with what they opted in for. 

Getting email is also way more personal than seeing something come past in your newsfeed as you’re scrolling. Generally we get emails in our inbox from family and friends too, and to have your email sitting beside an email from a friend is more personal than a random post in someone’s newsfeed. Sending emails to your subscribers builds trust between you and them. When subscribers read an email from you, they do it in the privacy of their inbox. It’s not just a message displayed publicly on their social media timeline. It’s a much more intimate way to communicate and receive messages.

Building an email list is something I see as important to build a business, especially if you’re looking to sell one to many (i.e. an online course or group program). Building an email list is part of a successful business, as long as you deliver value to your list and nurture them and treat them like a community. 

Will growing your list be a priority in 2020? 

List building is part of my daily activities, for both myself and my clients. The majority of the Facebook advertising campaigns that I run for clients are to grow their lists.

My multi six figure clients know that the way to scale their business is by growing their email lists and Facebook advertising helps them grow their list faster.

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Not sure where to get started?

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