Powerful. Profitable. Facebook & Instagram ads.

Work with me to grow your audience and attract buyers with fun, simple and intentional marketing.

Ads Management

Get an expert on the tools. When you outsource your ads to me, I will look after each element of your campaign. From awareness, to traffic and conversions, and ongoing optimisation and reporting.

Advertising Audit

Not entirely sure if your ads are hitting the mark? Seeing the money go out but you’re not seeing the leads or sales growth everyone else seems to talk about? Let me have a look. 

Aimful Ads Academy

Want to take the ‘ads reins’ and learn effective strategies to boost your growth? Or perhaps you want some guidance as you get started. Run your own money-making ads. I’ll help you get there.

Facebook ads are not magic, they’re a formula (and I love what they can do!)

Your business needs leads, there’s no doubt about it and there are many ways for you to attract leads (and I suggest that you use a number of different marketing tactics).

Here’s the thing though… I’m not a fan of spending hours on social media, in groups, shouting into the void and generally just the hard slog of trying to be seen and heard. (Nothing wrong with a bit of hard work, but there’s an easier way.)

If you really want to make a difference in this world, you need a lot more people to know about what you do and I’m here to help you help more people.

Ads are the way forward (if you want to reach more people minus the hard slog).

Facebook & Instagram Ads Management

Highly targeted campaigns to attract leads and turn browsers into buyers. Using paid ads, together with your existing marketing strategy, I’ll help you reach more people, grow your list and increase your sales. (from $1500+ GST per month)

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Audit

Are you leaving money on the table? Maybe you thought you’d got this. After all, you did the course and followed all the steps but you just need a second pair of eyes. You need someone who understands how to turn clicks into leads and convert leads into buyers.

Aimful Ads Academy

Take charge of your own ads results by working with me in a unique way. Follow step by step video lessons that teach you the ins and outs of ads management and get my support during private 1:1 calls.