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You’re here to help people.
To transform lives.

You’re a change-maker, determined to leave a legacy.

That’s why you created your online course/service/membership. You’ve done the work, connected with your audience, created systems and have a proven offer.

And you’re on my website because you want to grow and scale so that you can help even more people.

Well hello, that’s exactly what I do for my clients.

I’m here to help you amplify your work and change the world.

Facebook ads aren’t magic. They’re a formula.

With the right (read: strategic) input, you get a predictable output.

Over the past 9 years I’ve worked with 50 clients and counting, managed seven figures in ad spend, made my clients several seven figures in revenue and taught hundreds of businesswomen to scale their own business with ads.

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Making Facebook ads easy and profitable

Gone are the days of set-and-forget Facebook ads. Things have changed and it pays to work with an ads manager who is invested in keeping on top of changes so that you get to see the benefits. I’m here to get you traffic, leads and conversions. 


Our first step is to connect to understand your business, discuss past results, future goals, and current funnels.


Foundations are key, so I’ll take a close look at your sales funnels and past ad results to uncover missed opportunities.


Your results will be in the strategy, so this is where we’ll spend the most amount of time and attention. A winning strategy will pay off tenfold. 

Deliver & Scale

The next step is to put your strategy and funnels to work and test, tweak and optimise. Once we’ve found a winner, we scale and reap the rewards.


I’m Bianca

A qualified marketer with over 18 years marketing experience, plus a certified Facebook ads manager with 9 years of insider knowledge working with the most soul-led, legendary women (and a few change-making men) in business.

I’m here to help you help more people.

Traffic. Engagement. Leads. Funnels. CTR. CPA. ROAS. Conversion.

Facebook ads are my second language and I love being your translator so you get to do what you’re here for. Leave a legacy.

If you’re a soul-led visionary with a ready-to-buy audience and a proven offer, I’m your cup of tea.