Facebook has turned our lives upside down and you’re either part of the club or you’ve decided to stay far away from it. If you’re part of the club, you will most likely be a ‘fan’ of a number of pages and you might have a page for your own business. I’m a fan of quite a number of businesses and/or brands but I’m quite picky in who I like online. The last thing I want is my feed clogged up by an over-enthusiastic Facebook spammer. I’ve written down some tips to make your page look more attractive and some ‘must have’ tips for your Facebook page.

1. Have a page and/or a group but know the difference

You either have a Facebook page or a Facebook group, but be sure to know the difference and know exactly what you want to do with it. I.e. know your goals. If you’re in it to create an authentic presence online, share news and generally build your brand then you should create a Facebook page. If you’re in it to create a small community or group that interacts and communicates, then you should create a Facebook group. Facebook explains the difference on their website.

2. Add your contact details

Make it easy for people to find out how to get in touch other than posting on your Facebook page. Use the ‘about’ section to list your website, email address and your phone-number. The thing that annoys me the most with businesses that are online, is when there is no way of getting in touch or it’s hard for me to find the information. Always make it easy for people to contact you, especially if you’re giving them a ‘call to action’.

3. Be yourself

People like talking to people, so if you’re a small business or one-man-band, talk to your fans like you would talk to a friend. There’s no need to use fancy words online and be a totally different person offline, be one and the same. Just keep in mind that it’s all public so think about how and what you say. Be the professional you!

4. Brand your page

If you have a beautiful logo, use it on your Facebook Page. Also, use the header image to show what you’re about by either showing your products or incorporate your brand’s message. Consider it mini advertising space. It’s where you sell your brand and business. Not sure how to make something beautiful for your header image? Try canva, it’s a great tool to make beautiful images for your social media networks.

5. Connect

Facebook is about having meaningful interactions, so it’s important that you share relevant information but also to engage with other businesses and potential clients. It’s about quality and not quantity, so don’t worry too much about the number of followers but focus on increasing your engagement (i.e. comment on and like other people’s posts and ask questions on yours to create a conversation).

Most of all, have fun connecting with people. The stronger your relationships and engagement, the more loyalty you’ll build with your audience. It takes time to build a loyal audience, so enjoy the ride and connect. Having a loyal audience is like having the best sales-force ever, if they love you and your product they’ll tell others about it and no form of marketing is as strong as word of mouth.

I hope these tips have been helpful. For more tips and tricks, join us for monthly news and receive your complimentary mega marketing bundle straight in your inbox!

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