We’re all very busy, especially us entrepreneurs who like to keep tabs on everything and who aren’t quite ready to outsource certain tasks. We often find ourselves to be the bookkeeper, sales & marketing person, social media manager, web developer etc.

When it comes to social media though, there are many tips and tricks to limit your time but still get maximum results. We’ve created this post full of social media tips for busy entrepreneurs.

1. Create a content calendar in advance

If you’re busy it is likely that you won’t have much time to post social media content ‘on the fly’ so it’s better to be prepared and have a content calendar ready that shows you what you’re going to post and when. Creating a content calendar will also help you with steps 2 and 3. So sit down and determine what you want to share with your tribe in advance. Map out the content you’re going to send for the next month.

2. Batch

I love this one! Rather than sitting down and coming up with and write one thing at a time, try to create more than one post, blog article or newsletter. I often sit down for two hours and write content for the month, this way I work quicker and I don’t get distracted. I’m much more productive when I batch.

3. Use scheduling tools

Here’s a little secret… sometimes when you think I’m on Facebook, I’m not. Shhhhh. Yes, I use social media scheduling tools and so should you if you value your time. This doesn’t mean that you can completely disappear from social media but it does mean that your feed keeps ticking along while you can focus on your work. All you need to do is check in regularly to see if there are any comments and sometimes post something right at that moment. Let’s see if you can look after your social media in less than an hour a week.

4. Don’t stress

It’s ok if you can’t get online for a day or a few days. You have a life and so does your tribe. If you are going to be offline for a longer period of time, just let them know and tell them why. They’ll understand. Even better is when you go on holiday and you include your tribe in your travels, they love to see behind the scenes in your life (not just in your business). Take a break and enjoy it!