The opinions on how often to post on your Facebook page are somewhat divided. Some say to post very frequently, others say to post consistently but not too frequent.

It’s hard to say what works for you and what doesn’t without testing it on your page with your audience first.

In teaching my students, I apply two methods and often the two become a hybrid. I’ll explain these two methods below to help you make a decision on how often to post on your Facebook page.


1. Check the stats and recommendations

Doing a search on google in relation to how often to post on your Facebook page will reveal different results and depending on how old the article is, we should be hesitant to blindly follow the advice.

There have, however, been studies on how often one should post and at what point the effectiveness decreases. These types of studies are right up my alley and it is my preference to follow the advice of the most recent study.

In studies performed by SocialBaker the results highlighted that 1-2 post per day, or 5-10 post per week, is the sweetspot. It was also discovered that posting only once per week can lead to your audience losing interest and not feeling as strongly connected. 

2. How do you feel

My second method is to look within at what you feel comfortable with doing on Facebook. Do you feel confident posting 1-2 times per day? Do you have the time and capacity to post that frequently? How does it feel?

Posting on Facebook isn’t as black and white as it sometimes seems. If you don’t have the bandwidth to create content for 1-2 post per day, it’s better to evaluate what you are comfortable with and what you can create. In the end it’s better to focus on quality content that creates engagement instead of focusing on quantity.

Grab a piece of paper, your calendar and your list of content ideas (if you have one) and map out how often you want to, and can, post on Facebook. Matching the two methods above will mean that you are finding YOUR sweetspot, which gives you the best of both worlds.