You might wonder how Facebook advertising and money mindset go together?

In my opinion, everything in business somehow links back to money mindset in some form or other. So much so that I now believe that business is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. Pretty bold right?!

Facebook advertising is a paid marketing activity and each one of us will feel differently about this, and we all react differently to the notion of spending money on Facebook ads (or spending money on anything for that matter).

Some of us will happily spend money to grow our businesses and trust in the process and that the money will come back to us.

Some of us will feel very hesitant towards spending money to grow our businesses, mostly because of the intangible nature of Facebook ads.

And some of us will simply refrain from trying, whether out of fear or other money beliefs and stories.

In this post I want to dive deeper into how your money mindset is affecting your Facebook ads performance.

Firstly, let’s look at what money mindset really is.

Your money mindset are the feelings and thoughts you subconsciously develop towards money based on your life experiences. Our thoughts often control our actions, which means that developing a negative money mindset can create a barrier between you and financial health. It can cause stress and anxiety and it can keep you from achieving financial goals, including your business goals.

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You might wonder how this is linked to advertising?

As I mentioned before, some of us will happily spend money to grow our business but for some of us this will cause a lot of anxiety that drives us into scarcity mindset.

An example of this is the thought “I’ll never make the money back” or “it’s not going to work for my business so I better not spend the money”.

These thoughts keep you playing small, might sabotage your marketing efforts and stop you from investing in your business.

Not investing in your business could mean that your business growth stalls or it grows very slowly which can land you in a mindset spiral of ‘nobody wants what I have to offer’.

Because you’re not seeing growth or sales, your belief system is triggered into thinking that ‘nobody wants your offer’, thus confirming your negative mindset and beliefs.

The notion of ‘nobody wanting your offer’ isn’t necessarily true but because not enough people see your work it leads you to believe that nobody is interested.


I’m a firm believer of using Facebook advertising to accelerate your business success and get your offers seen by more people so that you can grow your business faster.

Letting money beliefs stand in your way of using Facebook ads to accelerate your business success is something that I see happening over and over. Many business owners are afraid to spend money on something that is intangible and might not necessarily give them results.

I totally understand this. It is scary to put money towards something that might not pay off, but there is also a very big chance that it might pay off…

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