Content creation is a bit of a buzz word in the online sphere and for good reason.

Content helps you provide value to your future clients, it helps them to get to know you, it helps them to get to know what you can do for you and it has a few other perks like search engine optimisation as well.

So how can you make sure that your business benefits from your content creation efforts?

  1. Make sure you tell people about your blog and content
  2. Offer value (and then more value!)
  3. Keep it simple (but interesting!)
  4. Always write for your customer
  5. Be consistent!

Ok, these are pretty much the guidelines in a nutshell and as you get on your content creation journey, they’ll become clearer and clearer.

The first step is always the hardest.


Now that you know the ‘rules’, it’s time to start thinking about your content.

What exactly are you going to write about?

This one might be tricky. Our brains generally go into lock-up when it’s time to come up with creative ideas, unless you’re an automatic ideas dispenser.

Let me help you a little bit by giving you some ideas of what you can write about.

Ideas, tips and how to’s:

  • X tips to….
  • X simple strategies to….
  • X ideas to….
  • X things I learned at….
  • X ways to improve your….

Share what you’ve learned:

  • The best advice I received on….
  • X things you wish you knew about….
  • The one thing nobody tells you about….
  • The most important thing I learned in the past year….
  • X things you wish you knew before….

Your favourites:

  • Your favourite blogs
  • Your favourite magazines
  • Your favourite books
  • Your least favourite things about….
  • My go-to tools for….

All about you:

  • Share your behind the scenes (e.g. the creation of your product/service)
  • How you got started in business….
  • Answer questions from your tribe
  • The biggest mistake you’ve made in business (and lessons)
  • X things I mastered to grow my business

There are always plenty of things to write or talk about, but sometimes you have to dig a little deeper. Every day teaches us something and if we’re observant we can usually find a blog post in it.

Start by building an ‘ideas bank’, where you save potential blog topics and then write them out when you have scheduled dedicated time for content creation. You’ll find that once you get started, more ideas will flow!