Hey insta-lover! Are you using instagram for your business and having heaps of fun with it?

Although I don’t use instagram in a particularly strategic way, I do have fun with it and enjoy the informal nature of it. It’s a way for my tribe to see behind the scenes and the things that keep me busy.

If you are looking to get more strategic with your instagram account, I can highly recommend using hashtags. The times that I strategically use hashtags have been the times where I get more engagement and usually a lot of new followers.

Hashtags allow people to search for particular interests and find your instagram activities based on how you ‘tag’ them. So if you want to be found, I recommend starting with some smart hashtags!

Here are five great ways to use instagram hashtags to increase your engagement:


1. tag your audience (#smallbusiness, #ladyposse, #mumpreneur)

2. what do you do (#socialmedia, #businesscoach, #lifecoach, #yoga, #kinesiologist)

3. where are you (#melbourne, #australia, #newyork, #online)

4. one word (hashtags are one word, so keep them together, like #newyork #onlinebusinesscoach)

5. keep a hashtag list on your phone so you can copy + paste rather than write them all every single time

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