You may have dipped your toes in the water when it comes to Facebook advertising or maybe you haven’t tried it yet for fear of not seeing a return. If you haven’t seen results from Facebook ads or think they might not work for you, this post is for you!

We’ll be looking at the 5 Facebook ad mistakes new advertisers make and how you can avoid making them.


1: Boosted post

Have you been tempted by that boosted post button? You’re not the only one. It’s simply too easy to click and Facebook does everything they can to get you to click it.

By using the boosted post button you’re missing out on all the benefits of using Facebook ads, such as the ability to target your ideal client and be really specific of where you want your ads dollars to go.

By boosting you’re leaving it way too far open for Facebook to put your ad in front of everyone and we all know that not everyone is your ideal client. Additionally, the boosted post focuses on reach and reach doesn’t necessarily mean conversions so the objective of your ad isn’t as strategic as it could be.


2: Budget

Has anyone told you that you can turn $5 into truckloads of cash? Ehhh, not quite!

Whilst you can certainly get stellar results with a smaller budget, there is an art to working out your budget and the type of results you can achieve. It all starts with testing. Test your ads with a smaller budget and then scale once you are getting the results you want.

This way you can see who and what performs best before adding more money to your budget. It will also allow you to see better ROI when you run a larger CTA to your audience after learning what interests, pages or demographics perform best.

5 Facebook Ads mistakes


3: Audience overload

One of the biggest mistakes I see new advertisers make is using an audience that’s way too big and not specific enough.

By adding every age, demographic and interest it becomes difficult to see what actually works best. The best way to learn about your target audience is to run split tests of different interests, pages, and even demographics. That way you can see which audience is most interested in what you have to offer and at what cost your ads perform.


4: Call to action (CTA)

The call to action is always an interesting one as I see many mistakes made with it. The first is to not include a call to action at all, which means that your audience doesn’t know what to do with your ad. You need to tell them what step to take next or they will simply continue scrolling through their Facebook feed.

The second mistake is to go for a call to action that is too big for a first encounter. I know we’re all in business to make sales, but if you ask someone who has never heard of your business to buy from you they’ll most likely tune out.

Understand where your audience is at in the ‘know – like – trust’ process and give them a call to action that they are ready and excited to take. Slowly growing a warm and engaging audience who trust you will allow you to see a higher conversion at lower cost.


5: Visibility

Running Facebook ads to a cold audience (those who are completely new to your business) can be very difficult, unless you are a large company with a high advertising budget.

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business, the first step to building a relationship is to introduce yourself and your business. Remember you are in it for the long game, so take the time to build relationships with your potential clients before asking them to open their wallet.


Want to know what other mistakes you’re making with Facebook ads and how to fix them? Watch my free video training here.

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