Why list building is still the most popular type of ad objective

Social media is a hungry beast that constantly needs feeding. Or at least that’s how I see it. I have long had a love/hate relationship with social media, on one hand I love it as it’s a tool to get in front of new people, build authority and generally be visible in your business. On the other hand though, I hate being at the mercy of the algorithm, with posts not being seen by anyone who has explicitly stated that they do want to see my content, plus the millions of algorithm updates which means that once you finally have the hang of it and your content gets seen, they change it all over and you have to start again. Not to mention the hours it takes to put out content and keep feeding it. 

So I’m always thinking and looking for ways to be more strategic in how I market my business and my clients’ businesses.  

What if you don’t really want to be spending all of your time feeding the feed?


What if you don’t even need to?

Tune in to listen how you can grow your business without posting on Instagram.


Find out more about the KISS Instagram Method here

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