Powerful. Profitable. Facebook Ads. 

Amplify your traffic, your sales, your income. 

Using Facebook and Instagram advertising to grow your business might be obvious.

But leveraging them to their full potential is another question entirely.


Let’s not beat around the bush. You’re here because you want to grow your business.

You’re here to make an even bigger impact and you’re hoping that a Facebook advertising strategist can help you do this.

Well hello lovely, that’s exactly what I do for my clients.

I’m a no-nonsense go-getter. I’ll go get you results. No fuss, all heart.

Let’s find out if you’re ready to amplify your work with Facebook ads.

Hand it over

Marketing & Facebook ads done for you

Facebook & Instagram advertising for digital course launches and online store conversion – done for you.

You’ve got this

Marketing & Facebook Ads done by you

Online courses, workshops and 1:1 training in digital marketing and social advertising – done by you.

“I’ve worked with other FB ads people before, but working with Bianca has been extraordinary! Her attention to ad design, copy, and audience is detailed and well-researched. She absolutely nailed my audience, right off the bat. Within one week of my campaign going live, Bianca had grown my list by 800 at an average cost per sign up of $0.62!

Morgan MacDonald

Paper Raven Books

Bianca McKenzie is the BEST ads person I have ever used, and I have used 4 different suppliers – Bianca is thorough, super tight with deadlines and totally on top of tweaking to get the best results.

Kylie Patchett

Making Friends with Fear
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