Why list building is still the most popular type of ad objective

It’s my mission to make marketing easy and fun, because it’s something everyone can do.

I have to admit, there have been times where I’ve fallen out of love with marketing. Yes, it happens to all of us I think. But then I realised that I’d been comparing myself too much because of all the things I see on social media. 

So I took a step back, had a really good journaling session and it became clear to me what parts of marketing I love and which parts I don’t like so much. You see, I’m not good with ‘being told what to do’ or that I ‘should do xyz’. I want things to feel fun and organic, and I do them when I want to do them, not because I should. 

Don’t get me wrong, there still needs to be some consistency because showing up once every quarter doesn’t really work well but it needs to feel fun to me.

That’s exactly why I created the No BS BS club. Because marketing and business should be fun, and it can be lighthearted as well as deep. It can be complicated as well as simple.

During my big journaling session I also wrote down that repetition is essential for sales. 

It’s a reminder to myself as well as a message for you. 

Let’s go a little deeper into this. 

You have to tell people what you’re selling, but you also have to tell people THAT you’re selling. 

Tune in to hear more ?


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