This post is about the next big thing in Facebook Ads, and let’s be honest, there is something new every day because the aim for Zuckerberg is to optimise the user experience. This is a good thing, after all, Facebook was created as a social platform.

Whilst there might be a ‘next big thing’ every day, it’s not important for you to focus on what this next big thing is.

Why not?

Mainly because these new, next big things, have not been tested by the public yet. They haven’t been tested by other business owners, so you actually don’t know if they will work for you, or anyone, yet.

A better strategy would be to watch what others are doing and if they are successful, you can test it for yourself. This is the approach I take. I never jump at the next big thing because I want to make sure it’s worth investing in first so I let others do the testing. I let others spend money on it first and then if it works, I might try it for myself. Each business is different, so I want to acknowledge that it might work for me, but it might not. This is what testing is all about.

For example, right now there is a lot of hype about Facebook Messenger bots. Which allows advertisers to target audiences via Facebook Messenger.

As with any new, next big thing there is a right way and a wrong way to use ads tactics.

Messenger ads can be a great tool, if used correctly. The best way, at this stage, to use messenger ads is for customer service and last minute Q & A’s before a program closes. The worst way, at this stage, to use messenger ads is to acquire new leads. Sending messages to a cold audience is somewhat invasive and potential leads are not responding to it nicely.

At the moment I’m not using messenger ads, because I’m paying close attention to the market. I want to make sure that it’s worth investing in before I jump onto this ‘new thing’.

In terms of getting results with Facebook ads, here is what currently works as tested and confirmed by many Facebook ads strategists.

The current method that sees results is the ‘regular’ news feed ad with an image or a video.

Yes, that’s right…. It’s best to stick to what’s known and proven.

The best way to get results right now with Facebook ads is to ensure that you have a solid strategy.

When you have a strategy, the tactic doesn’t matter as much.

Your first step is to formulate a strategy and to get it right, then you can start testing and implementing it to see what your results are. Stick to what’s known to work right now, focus on the ‘regular’ news feed ad before you dive into flashy new tactics.

If your ads aren’t working, it’s because you’re always looking for the next big thing instead of focusing on perfecting your strategy and ‘regular’ ads.

Focus on what’s proven. Focus on what works.

Stop looking for the next big thing in Facebook ads.

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