We’re all in business because we love what we do, but we also have bills to pay so it’s important for us to make sales in our business.

You all know how much I love list building and see it as an important part of your business, but what about the next step?

How do you delight your email subscribers so that they buy (more) from you?

A lot of work goes into getting subscribers so it may be tempting to have a little celebration and take a break once you actually bring subscribers in. But the truth is that getting customers to opt-in to your emails is only the first step. What truly matters is how you treat them once they’ve subscribed to your list. You should do everything in your power to make sure that you are going above and beyond with your email marketing efforts to keep your readers happy with the goal of converting subscribers to buyers.

In this post, you’ll learn five ways your business can go beyond expectations and delight your email subscribers for the long-term.

1: Provide value on a consistent basis

After giving your subscribers a warm welcome in your nurture sequence, it’s time to provide them with value on a consistent basis. Your subscribers have entrusted you with their precious email address so it’s up to you to deliver real value to them so they stay subscribed.

Be in touch with your audience regularly so they start expecting your emails. They might even start looking forward to them.

In your emails focus on a core offering, like a weekly newsletter of curated content, a feature collection or regular giveaway, that will serve as a foundation. You can then start building other type of content on top of that, for example your sales offers on regular occasions.


2: Sporadically offer incentives of higher value

Once you create value and consistently deliver the type of content your audience wants to receive, you have the opportunity to delight your subscribers.

After a few consistent weeks of consistently delivering high-quality content, give your subscriber something that is unexpectedly great.

You can delight your subscriber by offering something they didn’t expect. First, create an expectation of consistent quality, but then go beyond to offer something extra every so often. An updated version of some of your content or an offer that they weren’t expecting.

3: Reward them for being a subscriber at certain milestones

When someone has been a subscriber for 6 months or a year it will be your chance to delight them even further.

Pick a special milestone time to send your subscriber an email showing that you appreciate their continuing interest. Saying a big thank you on a special day is a reward for each subscriber’s individual loyalty; whether that’s their one year anniversary of being a subscriber, their birthday or whatever other milestone you’d like to acknowledge.

4: Show subscribers sneak-peeks and first looks

Another way to make your subscribers feel included and delighted is to offer exclusivity. Show previews of your products, behind the scenes glimpses and other exclusives to your email list first to excite them about being part of a special group of your audience.

You can even take this to the next level by offering offer promo codes, sales and other incentives exclusively to your subscribers. Or you can keep it exclusive for a period of time before showing your complete audience your offers.


5: Thank them often

Show and tell your list how much you appreciate them being with you. Most of this will show in the things we’ve listed above but there’s no harm in saying the words ‘thank you’ every so often as well.


How do you delight your email subscribers?

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