This post is inspired by what I see happen so often. Pretty much on a daily basis.

Today we’re talking about one of the biggest Facebook Ads NO-NO’s that I see people make all the time.

It drives me crazy.

You’ve probably done it. I may have done it. But it’s time to cut it out.

This drives me absolutely crazy and I see it in Facebook groups all the time when someone says,

“Hi ladies! Quick question. What type of adverts do you prefer for Facebook for [insert industry]  business? Single image advert, carousel advert or video advert?”


“Hey, ladies. I have this opt-in offer that I want to run ads for. Which image should I use in the ad? [insert two images that the audience selects from]”

Stop it!

Here’s why:

When you ask others what they have done in their business, you are asking them what worked for THEM. The advice they will give you is what they have seen and experienced in THEIR business, and unless your business is 100% the same as their business, you will most likely not see the same results as they have seen.

So when you take their advice on-board and try it in your own business you will get very different results, which often leads to disappointment and it could even make you resentful toward the person who gave you the advice. What works for them might not work for you because your business is different.

A little while ago someone in a group asked if they should run carousel ads in their business and 99% of the advice was not to do it because it had given people little to no results. I was the 1% who has had great results with carousel ads. In fact, it recently made my client $38,000 with a $540 ad spend.

I don’t know about you, but to me that screams FANTASTIC RESULTS! So why would you take on-board the advice from the 99%? If I had asked this question in a group and listened to the advice, my client may have never had such a fantastic month.

Please stop listening to advice that’s not applicable to your business!

Why you should stop asking for Facebook Ads advice


So, how do we actually figure out what’s going to work for us?

You might be wondering ‘but if I shouldn’t ask others what worked for them, how DO I find out what works’?

With Facebook ads (and many other marketing activities in your business) there is only one answer.


With Facebook ads it’s all about testing, that’s the only way to make sure you get a positive outcome.

I guess many people give up because they don’t know that they should test, and even if they do, they often don’t know what to test.

With Facebook ads you really have to test it all.

Test what type of ad by running separate types.

Test what image is going to work by using multiple images.

Test what copy is going to work by using multiple versions of copy.

Test what audience is going to work by displaying ads to various audiences.

Test what landing page is converting by using different landing pages.




Stop asking others what worked for them, because your business will get different results… and hopefully much better than their results because you spent the time and did the work to find your Facebook ads sweetspot.  

If you’re ready to explore Facebook ads and you’re brave enough to venture into testing various elements I would like to invite you to my free training: 5 Steps to Creating Strategic & Profitable Facebook Ads that Build Your Email List... without overwhelm or wasting money


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