You might be at the stage of considering hiring a Facebook ads manager, which is great. Congratulations!

Before you put the call-out for an ads manager, there are a few things you need to know.

Some ads managers have criteria that they want their clients to meet, so they might seem a little picky on which clients they take on. This is for good reason, because they want to get results for those clients and if certain things are not in place the client’s launch or campaign will flop.  I’m one of those ads managers. There are times I turn potential clients away because they might not be ready for ads (yet). I’ll always tell the client why they’re not ready yet so that they can work on getting their business ready for ads, rather than waste their money with another ads manager who might happily take their money but then struggles to get results because the business wasn’t quite ready.

Here are some criteria that your future ads manager might be looking for:

1) Your funnel converts

Facebook Ads are a great tool to get potential clients attracted to your business, that’s why I am an advocate for list building. Your FUNNEL is what sells you offer (<<< not your ads unless you use retargeting!). If you’re hiring an ads manager to get conversions with the goal of making sales you have to have a sales funnel in place that already converts subscribers to buyers. Facebook ads can amplify your results, not fix a broken funnel. We can grow your list but the funnel needs to sell your offer.

2) Minimum Ad Budget

Experienced ads managers often require a minimum ad spend of $500 a month (or more). This allows us to do testing which is important to get you results with Facebook ads. We’re passionate about managing your ads and want them to be successful so it’s important that we are given the resources to get you the best results, which includes a reasonable budget to get your ads started and optimised.


What you need to know before hiring a Facebook Ads Manager


3) You’re an established business

Some ads managers won’t take on businesses that are brand new. This is because your infrastructure might not be setup yet. You might not have your pixel installed (or if it is, it won’t be ‘seasoned’ yet) or you might lack an email list or website traffic so the ads manager is starting from scratch. Ads managers tend to get the best results with businesses that have some history, especially a converting product and an ads account with some data.  

If it’s in your budget I’m all for hiring an ads manager, but I do always suggest people learn the basics of Facebook ads first so you know what to look for when hiring someone and/or reviewing your stats. You CAN totally run your own Facebook ads. You just need a great teacher and a support group for when you have questions.

Think you’re ready to run your own Facebook ads? Check out this FREE training first to find out if your business is ready for Facebook ads.