Last week I shared 5 tips on running a successful Facebook Advertising campaign. This week I want to go deeper into why I believe using Facebook ads to stimulate your list growth.

Firstly, it’s important to understand why having an email list or database is so important for your business. I have written about this a number of times but I really want you to understand that this is important for your business growth.

Nurture your tribe

Your email list allows you to stay in touch with people that want to hear from you. It’s a place where you can show your expertise, offer them value and nurture them until they are ready to purchase from you.

Better conversion

It’s also the number one marketing tool for sales conversion. This is no surprise as email is still more popular than social media. There are plenty of statistics available that show email marketing has a higher conversion rate than your Facebook page, your website, your instagram etc.

Email is personal

Email lets you write much more than a social media update, plus you can personalise it. Through clever bits of code you can address your email by using their first name, which you can’t do in social media. Also, email was made for business whereas social media networks are exactly that; they’re made for social engagement. Emails were created so that you could send someone a personal message in a faster way than snail mail, social media was created for social relationships but not necessarily personalised messaging.

Don’t rely on rented land

When you have an email list or database it means that you ‘own’ these contacts, you can export them and save them on your computer and nobody can touch them. This is not the case for your Facebook or Twitter fans. Social media platforms are like rented land, they own the land and can take it back if they like. This means that if Facebook decided to close up shop tomorrow (highly unlikely), you’d lose all your fans in one hit. Yup, that’d be pretty crappy.

I don’t think any of these social platforms are going to shut up shop overnight, but I think it’s smart to own the process and be proactive about growing your own community.

The reason I’m so passionate about Facebook ads for list building is because it has allowed me to grow my list much quicker than I ever could have done without it. Although I haven’t constantly ran ads, the times I have run them my list has seen big growth surges. The last Facebook ad campaign I ran added 113 new subscribers to my list for $103.


Facebook ads for list building works particularly well if you have an opt-in gift to promote, as I did in mine. I promoted my 45 ready made Facebook posts for 4 days which grew my list by 113.

Whilst you don’t need Facebook ads to grow your list, it is a much quicker way to do it and it is a highly targeted way to do it as Facebook allows you to put your ad in front of a very specific audience.

In a nutshell, I love Facebook ads for list building because it’s quick and I’m getting the right people on my list.