There are so many amazing teachers online, with so many great courses and fabulous content. I could post a list of at least 20 people I admire online but instead I’ve narrowed it down to the 3 e-courses I love the most for female entrepreneurs.

Why these three? Because I’m in each and every one of them and it’s where I spend the majority of my time learning.

These are the programs that have made the most impact on my business and my life.

1. e-Course Launch Formula

First up is the e-Course Launch Formula (ECLF) because this is one of the programs that has taught me to take my business to a different level.

I joined ECLF in 2014 and have participated in a few rounds of the course. Each round I learn more and refine my course offering, my launch and uplevel my mindset.

When I joined ECLF I was at the very beginning stages of my business, I had only started a few months earlier, but I knew that if I wanted to scale my business, that launching an e-course would be the way to do it.

I really wanted to create an e-course, learn how to develop the content, set it all up and how to launch and promote it. At first I hesitated because it’s a significant investment but after I saw all the free content Kathryn gives away, I knew that the course would have everything I needed and more.

As a result, I launched two e-courses in a matter of months. I ran them both twice and then had an epiphany… why not combine them? That’s how Soulfully Social, my flagship course, came about.

I have launched Soulfully Social twice now. In fact, I just wrapped up my second launch and we’ve just started.

The first round I had 6 wonderful ladies in my program and this round I have 9 amazing women in my program. I want to be fully transparent here because you’ll see a lot of marketing that is focused on having a 5 or 6 figure launch, and whilst it’s completely possible, it is also hard work and doesn’t happen overnight. I’m extremely grateful to be chosen by these women to teach them how to market and grow their business online.

Since joining the e-Course Launch Formula I have grown personally, my business has grown, I have more clarity, I have a system to create online courses that I use over and over again, I have a group of like-minded entrepreneurs that I can ask questions about anything related to e-courses, I have had the opportunity to contribute to Kathryn’s program, I have found other amazing masterminds to join.

I can go on and on, but in a nutshell, joining the e-Course Launch Formula was the catalyst for a lot of progress in my business.

Kathryn is currently enrolling for this year’s e-Course Launch Formula and has a free video series full of super juicy content.

This series of 3 super-useful vids includes:

  • How to hone in on the right idea for your eCourse (so that you know your creating something your audience will buy!)
  • How to avoid the 10 common rookie mistakes that negatively impact your eCourse enrolments
  • How to loose the fear and launch with confidence (so that you can stop playing so small)

Each video comes with beautifully designed downloadable resources, and is jam-packed with her secrets to creating profitable e-Courses and an abundant lifestyle business.

You can sign up to receive all the free videos in your email, right here.

If you’re thinking of signing up to the e-Course Launch Formula, I want to let you know about my special bonus for the program.

  • If you sign up using my affiliate link you will receive free access to my FB Ads for List Building e-Course valued at $297.

Email me for more info: hello[at]biancamckenzie.com

P.s I’m an affiliate of and expert contributor to Kathryn’s e-Course Launch Formula program. I’m also a proud graduate (yes, I’ve completed the program but I still use it every time I create a course or launch a course) and only share programs that I love and have used myself. If you decide to join the e-Course Launch Formula using my link I may receive a commission, for which I’m ever so grateful.


2. The Conquer Club

It was Kathryn from the e-Course Launch Formula who introduced me to the Conquer Club and I shouldn’t say that it’s an e-course because technically it’s not. The Conquer Club is a 12 month business incubator. There’s nothing quite like it.

I actually signed up for the second year because I love it so much and there’s still so much more to learn. There is so much information in the Conquer Club, with monthly mentor calls and ‘office hours’ with founder Natalie MacNeil. We also have regular calls with systems expert Kelly Azevedo. As you can see, there is soooo much content and so many lessons each month that sometimes I find it hard to keep up but it’s good to know that I will always be able to find an answer on a topic.

The thing I love most about the Conquer Club is the community. Everyone is so lovely, helpful, caring and supportive.

It’s one of my go-to groups for anything business. We help and support each other, we share our wins and we share challenges… no matter what the topic is, there’s always someone to support you and I love that about the Conquer Club.

The Conquer Club has contributed massively to the organisation of my business. Before the Conquer Club I didn’t really have systems in my business, things happened ad-hoc and I had to recreate things quite often. That’s all changing now, and I have to say changing because systems is a big beast and it’s ever evolving. I think Kelly, the systems guru, will be proud of me though.

The Conquer Club enrolls once per year, so keep your eyes on my blog for bonuses in October.


3. Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

Since joining the Lucky Bee group last year I’ve made enormous progress with my money mindset and my income.

You see, everything in business comes down to mindset and if you have an unhealthy relationship and mindset around money you can work harder and harder but nothing is going to change until you change your thinking.

The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp helps me improve my money mindset and since joining I have identified my self-sabotages and I recognise when I’m in a negative money mindset so that I can correct it and focus on a mindset of abundance.

Ever since joining the bootcamp my income has grown and I now know what to do to keep bringing in money. I also know how to identify what’s going when money stops flowing.

The best thing about the bootcamp is the community of lucky bees who are supportive and share their own insights, sabotages and wins.

It’s amazing how much this bootcamp has contributed towards my abundance!

The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp is open 24/7 so you can enroll now.


Disclaimer: I am a proud affiliate for all of the programs above and only share what I have used myself and fully stand by. If you decide to purchase through my link, I may receive a commission for which I am ever so grateful.