With so many digital marketing options at our fingertips it can be hard to choose what’s best for your business.

Should you blog?

What about hosting webinars?

Should I start a podcast?

Maybe video would be better?

Each one of these could be beneficial for your business but you probably don’t have time to do them all. Whilst you can do them all from time to time, I suggest selecting one primary technique that you focus on consistently.

But how do you know which technique is best for your business?

There is no right answer to this question without doing some extensive testing to find out what works best for your business, but I suggest that you choose something that you enjoy doing and will be able to continue doing consistently for weeks and weeks.

Consistency is key.

If you don’t feel like recording regular podcast episodes it’s not a good strategy to choose podcasts as your primary online marketing technique.

Choose something that you enjoy doing and comes naturally to you. For some this might be writing, for others this might be video, or audio.

The aim is to select a primary online marketing technique that you can consistently use to grow your business and if you want to, you can supplement this with other techniques.

For example, you can publish a weekly blog (like this one) and supplement this with monthly or quarterly webinars. Or perhaps you want to add some video blogs in regularly.

Another option is to create videos and use them as a blog option. Denise Duffield-Thomas from Lucky Bitch publishes a weekly video blog and also hosts regular webinars as an additional marketing technique.

The main focus is to be consistent with whichever marketing technique you choose.

Consistency helps your audience get to know the work you do and recognise the experience you have.

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