You may have heard me talk about how important it is to grow your list. If you haven’t or you need a refresher, you can read back here, here, here and here.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m passionate about building your list, but you might be wondering how exactly would you do this because people don’t appear on your list just magically. These days the words ‘join our newsletter’ won’t even cut it.

You need to give your readers something in return for their email address. This is usually called an opt-in gift, lead generator, lead magnet, opt-in bribe etc. I prefer to refer to it as an opt-in gift because I want you to offer something that you readers would truly see as a gift. It needs to be so good that they can’t say no to it. I has to be something that is of absolute value to them.

So what would that be? There are many different options and it really depends on what your readers would find valuable. To give you a nudge in the right direction, I’ve created a list of 10 awesome opt-in gift ideas.

1. A 5 (or any other number) step ‘how to’ PDF

E-books and other how to PDF’s are quite popular these days and that’s for a reason. If done well, they are a quick and very handy resource for your audience. The key is to make it valuable to you audience and by doing it in a step by step way you make it more appealing as it’s something they can follow step by step and it’s not too long.

2. The first chapter of your book

If you have written a book and want to get it out there, giving away the first chapter is an excellent opt-in gift. It will give people a taste of what’s to come and if you make it easy for them to purchase at the end of the chapter you will most definitely see some sales.

3. A full ebook

If you have written a short book or instruction manual or other relevant book for your audience, this might be a great way to entice your audience to join your list. I’ve seen people give away their full book as an incentive to attract people to their list and after a few months made the book a purchase only book. A full book is a great opt-in gift for a short term campaign to drive your list building initiatives.

4. A mini e-course

A mini e-course is a great way to introduce someone to your work and offer them results by taking them through a set program. Mini e-courses are often excellent list building opt-ins if you are planning to launch a bigger e-course.

5. An audio download

Audio recordings are a great way to connect with your audience and an ideal opt-in gift for meditation teachers and healers. It’s a bit different from the usual e-book, challenge or webinar and great for people who prefer listening to reading.

Like this one from Sonesence

6. A challenge

I’m a big fan of challenges, as long as they ad value and aren’t too long. I’ve done 30 day challenges and it takes a lot of work to keep me involved and engaged. Pick what works for you, if it’s 30 days then do that but make sure you put measures in place to keep people engaged. Give people quick actions to take that lead towards an end result.

Like my free 7 day Social Media Content Challenge

7. A planner or template

Everyone loves a planner or a template, especially if it makes their lives easier. If you use something in your own business and think it’s worth sharing then please do so! I give away a free year planner to my tribe and although it’s not an opt-in, they do love and appreciate it.

8. A discount for first time buyers

If you have a retail shop and aren’t sure what to give your tribe in turn for their email address, you could consider giving a discount for their first purchase or an entry into a draw to entice them to sign up to your list.

Like this one from Gorman Shop

9. Access to a private Facebook group

Facebook groups are hot like now and if you find one that works for you it can be a goldmine and an absolutely fabulous place to build connections. You could start your own Facebook group and build your own loyal tribe. Again, make sure that you offer value.

Like Michelle Jack’s Feisty, Fearless, Female Collective

10. A webinar recording

If you’ve done a webinar in the past and want to re-use the content, you can use it as an opt-in gift. I’ve often missed webinars and then wished they were still available.

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