Let’s talk about the Facebook timeline cover image.

That beautifully big space at the top of your Facebook page.

That place where you currently may have an image of yourself or your product.

That place that you might not be fully utilizing for your business.

That place that could help you make (more) sales in your business.

The Facebook timeline cover, in my opinion, is prime real estate. The place where your visitors should immediately be clear on what you do and offer. Plus, the place where your visitors can immediately find out how to buy from you.

I would like to share a number of things you can do to better utilise that prime real estate called your Facebook timeline cover photo.


Showcase what you do

With one image or an image collage you can show your visitors exactly what you do so they know if they would like what you offer or not. As soon as your visitors get to your Facebook page it should be instantly clear what you do. Like in these examples:


Show yourself

When you’re the face of your business, it’s a great way to show people your face and invite them to explore your brand and your life-style. People buy from people and seeing you is a great introduction. You can add words to amplify what you do or let your Facebook name speak for itself.


Promote a challenge or an opt-in

Your profile image is a great place to promote a challenge, free e-book, webinar or any other opt-in gift. It’s something you offer for free to get people to join your email list. Growing your list is more important than growing your Facebook fans, so using your opt-in gift at the top of your page is a great way to showcase your free gift and invite people to join your list.


Promote an event or launch

It’s great to keep spicing things up and change your cover image regularly and there’s no better time to do this than during a launch or the lead up to an event. It’s not something you’d leave up there forever but you certainly want to tell everyone who visits your page that it’s coming up. You’ll find examples below of how to use your profile image to promote your event or launch.


Or you can just post something funny….