We’re all familiar with busy times. Whether you’re in a day job, have a family or are running a business, we all know what busy times are like. We juggle multiple commitments and go through the peaks and valleys of busy times and quiet times.

There are times where we will feel overwhelmed, unsure of how we will get everything done and keep everyone happy. We all know it’s important to look after ourselves, but sometimes this can be challenging because we feel like it’s coming at us all at once.

Sometimes it feels like we’re unable to move forward because all we see in front of us is this mountain of busy times that we need to climb. It can get a bit too much and we don’t know how to keep juggling.

Fear not, as soon as you’re over the mountain, there will be a valley.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some survival tips for busy times to make your mountain a bit less stressful to climb:

Say no

It sounds simple, but it’s really important that you learn to say no. Whether it’s to a new client, especially if they’re not your ideal client or when you’re fully booked, or whether it’s an invitation to yet another birthday party. It is completely safe and ok for you to say no.

Your life, state of mind and well-being is much more important than pleasing everyone who wants a piece of you. Before you say yes next time, stop and re-evaluate your goals and desired feelings. Will this contribute to your life? Will this make you feel good? Does this align with what you want and stand for? Is the world going to end if I say no?

Plan ahead

If you know that busy times are coming up, start planning ahead. For example, if you have a business and you know that you’re going to be snowed under in the next month, make sure that you have a few things ready and set up before it gets busy. For example, have at least one months blogging content already done and scheduled.

If you have a family, there are quite a few birthday parties coming up, you’re busy with work, be prepared and keep a cupboard with a few presents for boys and girls in certain ages so that you don’t have to run to the shops every time you are invited to a party.

Also, map out your day before you start it, so that you’re not caught off guard. Put your most important, and sometimes most ugly, task at the top and do it first. Or as they say, eat that frog.

One thing at a time

Women are known to be good multi-taskers, it’s one of the things we brag about, but it’s actually not more productive to multi-task. You’re much better off focusing on one thing at a time. So write your list and tick them off one by one. This might require some discipline, but you’ll see that it pays off.

These are just a few of my go-to tips in busy times, I hope they help you too.

This post was originally published on the ROOOAR blog.

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