Why list building is still the most popular type of ad objective

This episode came about after I read a post in a Facebook group where the person made a lot of assumptions about her audience by stating things such as ‘struggling to convert clients’ and ‘tough economic times’, and ‘getting lots of abandoned carts’. 


There were just so many assumptions that I pretty much rolled my eyes and cringed. 


And by no means do I want to ignore the economic situation or not acknowledge that the cost of living is rising and that some people are doing it tough. I 100% acknowledge that. 


What I want to focus on is making assumptions about your audience that may not be warranted. Another thing I want to focus on is how we often look at things from either our own perspective or a media perspective, and we all know that the media dramatizes things.


So let’s look at some assumptions we can make in our marketing and why it can be limiting. Not in a life threatening way, but definitely in a way that can stall your business growth.  

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