In today’s post I’m taking you through the online marketing journey, where I explain what online marketing is and the steps to take to practice online marketing in a way that focuses on building connections. Online marketing is important for our business whether we are an online or an offline business, most of our customers will be searching for us online at some point, even if they don’t know they are. The aim is to have as many ‘virtual doors’ to our business as possible but the doors have to be relevant, meaning they need to be the platforms where our target audience spends their time. Your customer will most likely have their first interaction with your business online, that’s why online marketing is important.

For that reason I want to give you an introduction to online marketing. Most of us are familiar with marketing in some form or other but what does online marketing entail?


In this episode I talk about:

  • what is online marketing
  • assisting the customer journey
  • building connections
  • the importance of ‘know, like, trust’
  • the way online marketing works