Marketing… it’s such a buzz word and yet it has many business owners and entrepreneurs crawl under their desk.


Why does it have such a hair raising, spine tingling reputation?

My guess is that you’ve tried so many different things and none of it has really made an impact on your bottom line.

Did I guess right?

Whilst marketing and sales go hand in hand, and sales is what ultimately converts a potential client to an actual client, there are many ways to market your business with a sales goal in mind. After all, we all need to eat.


So how do we, with such full calendars and limited time, make the most of our marketing budget and time? What’s that magic bullet that’s going to turn our business around?


It’s…. nothing, because there is no magic pill.


But if there was only one thing you could do to market your business, I suggest starting with growing and nurturing your list.


Yes, the good ol’ list LOVE!


I can hear your words right now… ‘but I’ve tried that and I got nowhere’ or ‘but nobody is buying’.


Email marketing (aka communicating with your list) gives a 4300% ROI according to the Direct Marketing Association.


Why is it not working for you?


There could be a number of things at play such as:

  • you have the wrong people on your list
  • you don’t really know your ideal client
  • your funnel doesn’t speak to your ideal client
  • you’re not asking them to buy (you need a strong CTA – call to action)
  • your product isn’t what your clients want


Pretty hard to tell which one is applicable to you right… and you might not be able to fix it instantly but it pays to investigate what could be at play.


one marketing strategy


It’s not that email marketing isn’t working because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with emailing your list… it’s your list/funnel/words/cta that’s not working.


Spend some time investigating the story.


By that I mean ‘Dig deep and try to find out what story your data is trying to tell you’.


For example, you might not have any issues getting people ON your list (your free offer sells like hot cakes!) but you have trouble converting them to paying clients.


I recommend having some conversations with your subscribers (yes, hop onto Skype) to ask why they haven’t bought from you. Most people will be honest.


  • It could be that your words aren’t speaking to them so you might need to re-write your copy.
  • It could be that they tried but your sales page isn’t that easy to use for them.
  • It could be that your offer is just a little bit off, maybe they want some 1:1 work or some group calls but you’re not offering it.

Investigate what’s off.


A well working email marketing strategy provides gold for your business.


When it works (yes, you might need to tweak it a bit), it can automate your business and bring in sales while you sleep.


Yes, it’s possible for you too.


Don’t give up after one go, it takes some tweaking to get it right.


So, you’ve learned that my favourite marketing strategy is email marketing…. what’s yours?