So you have followed all the steps, you have implemented your pixels, created your images, written your copy and started your advertising campaign…. Only to see it fall flat on its face and get nothing in return.

Sadly I hear this story too many times.

I hear of entrepreneurs full of enthusiasm and optimism diving head first into Facebook ads, only to be disappointed with what they find…. Mostly an empty wallet and no results to show for.

You might have even taken some courses and if they’re anything to go by, you should have been swimming in your dollars already because we all know that Facebook ads make you money right?!


At least, not in the way you think it does.

Plus, it’s not that easy.

After all, if Facebook ads just made you money, everyone would be doing it and you wouldn’t be reading this post because you’d be sipping your pina colada on a beach somewhere.


Why Facebook Ads aren’t going to save your business or make you money


First of all, Facebook ads CAN make you money, but there’s a lot more to it than just the ads.

Running Facebook ads is just one component of having success online (we all have different definitions of success, but let’s leave that for another post).

To reap the rewards from your Facebook ads campaign you need to firstly be very (VERY!) clear on what your goal is and align this with your strategy (i.e. what steps are you going to take to reach your goal?).

Let’s say, if your goal is to make money and you run a campaign to grow your fan page likes, your goal and your strategy are not aligned. It’s almost impossible to make sales by running a campaign to grow your likes.

Let’s say your goal is to make money but you run a campaign to grow your list (something I’m a big fan of and teach in my program), your goal still isn’t aligned with your strategy. It’s much more likely that you will make sales by running a campaign to grow your list, but your ads are not the money maker. Your ads are simply the enabler, the open door for people to join you and find out about you. To make money and sales from your list building ads, you need to have a sales funnel and sales page in place that convert.

What I’m saying is that your ads are doing just fine if you have set it up to grow your list and it’s adding people to your database, but the reason you’re not making sales from these new leads is most likely because there’s something not quite right in your funnel or on your sales page.

The data your Facebook ads give you is often very insightful and often tells you the story of what isn’t quite working in your campaigns and funnels.

As a Facebook ads strategist I get a little sad when people say that Facebook ads don’t work for them without knowing the full story. Often the ads do work, but they simply don’t know what to look for and most often their goals are not aligned with their strategy.

So your Facebook ads are not going to save your business or make you money if your strategy isn’t aligned to what you’re trying to achieve, and I don’t recommend using Facebook ads to sell directly to a ‘cold’ audience as it will most likely set you up for disappointment. Selling to a cold audience is incredibly hard for most businesses and often only works to an audience that is already familiar with your business, or you are selling a product that’s reasonably low cost and in high demand.

Before you say that Facebook ads don’t work for your business, make sure you have all the information that tells you exactly what is happening and why you’re not making any sales.

If you have been running ads but haven’t got the results you hoped for, you might want to get an ads strategist to look at your ads and review what you could improve.

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