The reason I’m asking is because I’ve often dived into things without thinking them through too much, but on the other hand I’m a planner when it comes to holidays and house things.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and wondering if I have taken on too much, if I have too much on my plate. I have to say that running two small businesses, studying part-time and working full-time can be challenging at times but with a bit of planning it’s all working out. I can’t say it’s easy and I do have days where I question myself and deliberate which one I should give up, but for now it’s manageable and I enjoy them all. So maybe it’s just because people keep saying to me ‘do you have a life?’ or ‘you really don’t like having spare time, do you?’ that I start to have doubts.

Getting back to being a do-er, this is exactly what I mean, I DO things without thinking about it too much before I do it and then find myself very involved in multiple projects. It’s what keeps me on my toes, what drives me. When yet another person commented on my busy life and multiple projects, I realised that a lot of my ‘spare time’ is filled with doing things I love, which I don’t see as a bad thing at all. Some people enjoy playing sports in their ‘spare time’ and I enjoy writing blog posts, creating resources, being creative and helping people by sharing my knowledge. I think it’s all about prioritizing and having the perfect balance is a myth, which Rachel from in spaces between describes perfectly in one of her videos (thanks so much for the inspiration). So… priorities is the magic word. I still catch up with friends, I still spend lots of time with my boyfriend, I still spend time with family so what’s the problem?

I’ve decided that I love living my life the way it is at the moment, I like being ‘busy’ and to me it doesn’t feel like I’m very busy, I’m just doing what I love. The way I see it is that I plan my time well, I plan time for my businesses, I plan time for my leisure, for my friends and family and whatever else I feel like doing. I like it just the way it is and I should just go with my gut feelings and enjoy the ride. What do you do when you feel like things are getting too busy, or when others make it seem like you’re doing too much?

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