Facebook constantly changes its game and it’s hard to keep up sometimes, but there are a few things that haven’t changed. A few simple things you can do to make sure that you’re making the most of your Facebook presence.

I agree that advertising can be quite tricky, and even organic reach may have dropped, but these simple tips are here to help you get the basics right. Do this first, and then focus on the more strategic and tricky tasks.

1. Use a page for business

This may seem straight forward to you, but there are plenty of people still using their personal profiles for their businesses. If this is you, please create a page and don’t risk having your profile shut down by Facebook.

There are benefits you can get from a page that you don’t get from a profile. Make sure you read my 101 Guide to Social Media Marketing to see what they are.

2. Branding

Utilise ALL the space you are given to showcase your brand. Facebook is different from your website, where you have total control over what it looks like, so you want to make sure that you are recognisable whenever someone sees your Facebook page.

Use the cover image to showcase what you do, make it very clear to people what you do. Use this space as a ‘mini advertising’ board. Also, if you’re a solopreneur, make sure that you put a picture of you in the profile image box. People like buying from people, not from a logo.

3. About section

Complete your About section with as much information as possible. Especially if you are a local business or a bricks & mortar business. I often look opening hours and addresses up via Facebook.

Also add your contact details, a little bio and your web address. Make it extremely easy for people to find you and contact you.

4. Post consistently & regularly

You might have heard this before, and you might have tried and not seen any results. Keep trying but try posting something different, just don’t neglect your Facebook page. There’s nothing worse than seeing a Facebook page that hasn’t been posted on for 3 months.

Try asking questions, posting something funny, ask them to vote on something, share a behind the scene. Don’t neglect your Facebook page.

5. Use attention grabbing headlines

Easier said than done, I know. Here are some tips that you could try.

  • Make statements such as ‘Did you know that….’
  • Ask a question starting with ‘What would you do….’
  • Share something funny saying ‘This had me in stitches….’

You get where I’m going, make it fun, make it personal, inject some of you into it.

6. Offer value

Sometimes it’s challenging to offer value, but even if the value is to make them smile or laugh, you’re offering value. If you’re posting an image, use words to give it meaning and to add value.

You don’t need to constantly ‘give away your secrets’, the idea is that you add something to your ideal clients’ day or life. This could simply be to make them smile, or nod in agreement.

7. Combine education, entertainment & inspiration

This also relates to adding value. By combining education, entertainment and inspiration (not necessarily in the same post) you are adding value to your clients’ day. For example, give them a tip on how to do something, share a link to something beautiful or funny, post an inspiring quote or poem or share something your learned that week.

8. Test & measure

Keep an eye on your insights to see who your target audience is (it might be different from who you thought visited your page), what time they are looking at your posts, which posts get seen, liked and shared the most etc.

Knowing your statistics helps you deliver more of that same content and increase your visibility.