Writing a weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter is a great idea but it’s not always the easiest to come up with content for your newsletter. The great writers among us generally don’t have a problem but the average entrepreneur can struggle with consistently coming up with newsletter content so I wanted to give you some ideas for your newsletter content.

1. Best of article (blog posts, products, books etc)

Create a newsletter with 5-10 of your ‘best of’ blog posts, products, books etc. All you need to do is create a list and write a little blurb for each blog post with a link to where your reader may find more or read the full post.

To find your most popular blog posts, check out your Google Analytics account.

2. Customer interviews

If you provide amazing experiences for your clients (and you all do) it would be great to interview your customers to highlight what they got out of working with you or buying from you. Testimonials are great, but an interview is even more powerful. This could be a written interview, a recorded call or a video interview. Be creative, your readers love hearing about others’ experiences.

3. Your latest blog posts

This is something I do for my newsletters. At the moment it’s just as much a time saving thing as it is a way to get my blog posts in front of more people. These days we can’t just rely on people to visit your blog regularly, at some point they might forget. That’s why I see it as a little reminder for them to check-in as well as giving them a way to save my blog post in a safe place for them. Some call it lazy, some call it smart. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

4. Answer readers’ questions

Many people ask you questions and these questions are often great blog or email newsletter material. Answering questions through your email means that more than one person gets to benefit from it.

There are two wins in this, one is that someone has given you a topic to write about and the other is that you are helping many people with your answer.

5. Create a video (if you normally write)

If you normally write your email newsletter, spice it up and record a video for your tribe. I’m yet to do this but I follow a number of entrepreneurs who do video blogging (another great time saver) and love what they do. The great thing about video is that you can also turn it into audio so you can use it through multiple channels.

6. Share a personal (life) lesson

People love seeing behind the scenes and learning from your life (or biz) lessons. When we open up and show our human side it’s easier for others to resonate with us and seeing that we’re actually real people who, just like anyone else, make mistakes, have doubts and learn every day. Share something that you have learned during your business or life journey. If you share something that’s valuable to your audience, something they can learn from too you will build stronger and deeper relationships with your tribe.

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