Facebook advertising has been around for quite a few years now and still there are businesses that haven’t dipped their toes in the water. Whether it’s because they don’t understand the potential, have a fear of technology or perhaps they’ve been burnt before, businesses that are not utilizing Facebook ads are potentially missing out on a large chunk of income.


Whilst it may be a bit daunting at first to start using one of the most powerful advertising platforms around, with some guidance and direction you could use this powerful tool to fuel your business growth.


There are many reasons to advertise, and in this post I’d like to address the 5 reasons to use Facebook ads in your business.


1: Laser focused advertising


Firstly, advertising through Facebook gives you the ability to have your ad seen by the exact people you want to be seen by. The targeting options in Facebook are extensive, which means that you’ll be able to get laser focused with who you’ll show you ads to.

For example, you could target someone who is interested in yoga and lives in Victoria, Australia. Or you could target someone who is newly wed and reads Vogue magazine.


The options are endless and it really pays to know your ideal client well so that you can benefit from Facebook’s focused targeting options.


2: Extremely large reach


With more than 2 billion people on Facebook you’ll be able to reach many of your prospective customers. Of course your target audience wouldn’t be all 2 billion people but with such a large audience you’ll be able to find your ideal customers in as many countries as you’d like to do business in.


Facebook opens up opportunities for business in other countries, if that’s the way your business is setup.


3: Social media influences purchase decisions


Research shows that we are influenced by social media every day, whether we like it or not. A lot of our purchase decisions are influenced by social media too. Sometimes it’s through finding reviews on Facebook pages, sometimes we make purchases as a result of Facebook ads. Whichever way, social media plays a big part in our decision making process.

4: Remarketing

One of the biggest and best opportunities in my opinion is to be able to remarket to your audience. You might know what remarketing is, or if you don’t, it’s where you visit a certain web page and after leaving that page you’ll see an ad for that exact ‘thing’ in your Facebook news feed.


Remarketing can be done through a number of ways, including seeing ads for web pages you have visited, or seeing a product/service from someone who’s list you subscribe to, or seeing an ad for a product/service from someone who’s Facebook page you like or video you have watched.


The main point of remarketing is that you can target your ads to people who are already familiar with you. This means they are a ‘warmer’ audience and more likely to convert to buyers and the advertising costs are generally cheaper than when you target a ‘cold’ audience.


According to some statistics remarketing can increase conversion rates by 147% and for all the shoppers that abandon their cart 26% tends to complete their purchase after being advertised to again.


Find out more remarketing statistics here.


5: Organic reach is getting harder


We’ve heard this more and more overtime, organic reach on Facebook is getting harder. Whilst it’s not impossible and I suggest that you have a dedicated strategy to make the most out of your Facebook page organically, I also suggest putting a few dollars towards Facebook advertising to amplify your message and convert your fans to buyers.


With so many businesses on Facebook and users following many different pages, it means that news feed real estate is limited. You as a fan only get to see a very small number of posts of the fan pages that you like and the number is declining. So in order to have your content seen as a business, you’ll need to spend a bit of money.


Facebook is a business, so rather than complaining about this (I know we had it really good for a while), find out ways to speak to your clients in a different way. First of all, ask them to sign up to your mailing list so that you can get in touch with them outside of Facebook. Secondly, tell your fans that Facebook organic reach is low and if they want to see all your posts, encourage them to visit your page directly rather than hoping for news from you in their news feed.


Wrap up:


There are many reasons to use Facebook ads for your business. I’ve listed 5 important reasons to set aside some money to amplify your business message and convert your buyers to subscribers.


If you’re ready to start advertising, or you’ve advertised before and not had the results you were hoping for, head on over to my free training where I take you through the 5 Steps to Creating Strategic & Profitable Facebook Ads that Build Your Email List… without overwhelm or wasting money.