As a business owner, you might be slightly confused by Facebook, frustrated or loving it. Most people know that they should probably be on Facebook but they simply don’t have time or can’t keep up with the changes Facebook constantly makes.

As a marketer I highly recommend that you have an active presence on Facebook. Not only is it the largest social media network out there, it is also the most ACTIVE social media network with over 860 people logging in on a daily basis. What’s more is that 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second!!

Do you need more reasons? I’d like to give you 3 more reasons why you should grow a Facebook fan base:

  • When you attract quality fans, you are more likely to convert these fans into newsletter subscribers. Building your email list should be a priority on Facebook because your email list is where the majority of your sales will come from.
  • Studies have shown that you will attract more visitors to your website when you have at least 1000 Facebook fans on your page. Your website is your home-base. It’s where the magic happens and where you ask them to sign up to your mailing list.
  • When you start to run Facebook ads, you will save a lot of money when you target only your fan base. Having lots of quality fans will help you create successful, targeted, low-cost ad campaigns.

As you can see, Facebook offers many opportunities for business owners and dare I say that it’s the perfect platform for small businesses as they actually have a big opportunity to be seen and heard if they embrace the platform and invest in learning how to do it right.

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