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My top 5 social media content creation tools

The last few weeks I’ve been sharing social media tips and resources and today I want to share my top 5 social media content creation tools. Content creation isn’t something most entrepreneurs find easy or particularly productive. Let’s be honest, content creation...

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Four unconventional places for social media inspiration

Filling our social media schedules isn’t always as easy and straightforward as it seems. Sometimes we’re stuck for inspiration and need a little help. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and especially for us entrepreneurs there are tons of resources such as blogs,...

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How often to post on your Facebook business page

The opinions on how often to post on your Facebook page are somewhat divided. Some say to post very frequently, others say to post consistently but not too frequent. It’s hard to say what works for you and what doesn’t without testing it on your page with your...

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14 Content ideas for your Facebook business page

Our Facebook feed has become a vibrant, but sometimes noisy, place. So how do we, as business owners who want to be seen and heard, stand out? As Facebook becomes more and more embedded in our lives and they make countless changes  to improve the customer experience,...

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How to setup your Facebook business page

Whilst most of us have a personal Facebook profile to interact with friends and family, a business requires a Facebook Page. You may not know this, but Facebook doesn’t like you using your personal profile for business purposes and frankly you’d be limiting your...

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