What difference would it make if you made 100 more sales in the next 12 months?

Tools, resources and 1:1 support for service providers, coaches and course creators to attract more ideal clients and make more sales with proven, easy to follow Facebook & Instagram Ad strategies for any budget.

What difference would it make if you made 100 more sales in the next 12 months?

Tools, resources and 1:1 support for service providers, coaches and course creators to attract more ideal clients and make more sales with proven, easy to follow Facebook & Instagram Ad strategies for any budget.

It’s no secret

That Facebook Ads have been the key to many businesses doubling or tripling their revenue (and more!)

It’s also no secret that many businesses have tried and failed at getting Facebook Ads to work for their business. Business owners have been hit hard over the years with webinars and programs about building a six figure business.

So they do the work and create a landing page or program, hustle hard to get some initial sales by posting thinly veiled “value posts” in groups and sending DM’s to random people… and then crickets.

It’s like they’ve all heard that voice whisper “If you build it, they will come”

So they built it… and guess what? They don’t come.

Then someone in their program makes a post about spending $100 on Facebook Ads and making $10,000!

Well, faster than you can say “Viva Las Vegas”, they have fired up Ads Manager thrown in some Ad copy on the fly, hit publish and watched their Ad Account get shut down right before their eyes.

If this has happened to you, let me assure you, it’s not your fault and I’m sorry that you’ve been left high and dry.

That is why I am on a mission to equip business owners with the framework AND personalised support they need to confidently create Ad Campaigns that attract and convert their ideal clients.

Sound familiar?

You’ve got an amazing service, program or membership that you sell thanks to your strong organic social media game. But you’re getting worn out from the constant hustle of posting, chasing leads and checking your phone 24/7. You’d love to have an automated way to bring in new leads everyday.
You’ve tried to run some Ads but felt completely overwhelmed with Pixels, conversion rates and the confusing recommendations that you see in Ads Manager. You think you got some leads, but aren’t too sure and feel like you’ve just wasted your money. Or maybe you outsourced them and would really like to bring them back in-house. You’d like to try to get Ads working for you, but just don’t know where to start to get the information or support you need (and you really need support!)

You know enough to be dangerous. Campaigns are running and some Leads coming in but whenever you try to improve things or spend more on your ads, the wheels come off. You’re feeling stuck, maybe you do want to outsource your Ads, but don’t yet have the budget for Ad Spend and hiring a quality Ad Manager you can trust to help scale your business.

Hi, I’m Bianca McKenzie

I love working with purpose driven business owners who have a digital program, membership or service that is meaningful and makes a difference and I love helping you.

I especially love partnering with people to create a bigger impact by helping them scale their business and serve more clients or customers with strategic, results driven Facebook Ads.

One of the things I love about managing Ads for clients is being part of something that can transform the lives of my clients by increasing their revenue and also the ripple effect that their offer has in the lives of their clients and potentially generations to come.

With over 9 years of ads management experience under my belt and a full roster of clients the challenge I face is that I can only personally help a very limited number of clients with my done-for-you Ad Management Services.

And I’m tired of hearing stories of people not unlike you, who have been left to try and figure out the complex and ever-changing world of Facebook Ads on their own.

Or worse yet, they end up in the hands of an unethical “Ad Manager” or “Business Coach” and end up slowly watching their dreams die.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

Which is why I’m here to bring you the premium Ad Training program specifically designed for service providers, course creators and consultants.

You see, there’s 3 certainties in life… Death, taxes and Facebook Algorithm Changes.

And when Campaigns start to tank Ad Managers feel like they have to become a Private Investigator and find the clues to discover the mystery of the missing leads.

Want the good news… Jody Milward, the Founder of Social Charlie, was a Private Investigator.

She is the one Ad Managers turn to when they need help with client Campaigns.

After turning over $4m+ in revenue from her Private Investigator business, Jody stumbled into the world of Facebook Advertising in 2014. Within 2 years she helped a client to generate $1m in their first 9 months of selling an online program.

Jody’s worked as a Facebook Ad Freelancer, an In House Ad Strategist Agency Owner, Ad Manager, Ad Recruiter and Consultant. She’s worked with National Restaurant chains and Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencers and has profitably managed multiple 7 figures in Ad spend.

Jody has been training and mentoring Facebook Ad Managers for a number of years and most recently with her Elite Ad Manager Certification (of which I’m a graduate) to provide this niche with skilled and ethical Ad Managers.

When the opportunity came up to partner with Jody and the Team at Social Charlie to bring to you the most comprehensive and up-to-date Ad Training program specifically designed for the service provider and consulting niche, I jumped at the chance.

I know that the training inside the Aimful Ads Academy is exactly what you need to help you take control of your Advertising with proven strategies and step by step frameworks, but I also know that throwing you in the deep end with a self-study program won’t work (you probably have a digital shelf with courses that haven’t been completed) so that’s why we’re doing this together. I’m fully supporting you on your ads journey by hosting monthly group calls as well as giving you the option to book private 1:1 Q&A calls with me and my team. Every week I open up my calendar to get my eyes on your ads – this is the support people have been asking for and I’m here to help you.

The Aimful Ads Academy is like having an Ad Strategist in your pocket to fast-track your understanding of:

Foundations for Successful Ads

Facebook Ads are just one part of your marketing toolbox. Discover what other tools need to be sharpened and ready to go.

The Business Side of Facebook

How all the business assets for Facebook Ads work together and navigate Ads Manager like a pro!

Avatars, Messaging and Copy

How to stop the scroll of you ideal client and have them saying “OMG! That’s exactly what I said!”

Ads, Funnels and the Customer Journey

Make it easy for your leads to convert by using the right strategy for your goals.

Campaign Objectives For Leads and Sales

The wrong objective will cost you money, the right one will make you money. Know when and where to select the right one!

Metrics That Move the Needle

Identifing Ads that are working and the numbers that will help you turn $1 into $3 or $4 (or more)

You can’t afford to ignore Ads…

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Whether you want to build your list, get people to watch your webinar, submit an application or sell your offer… you need traffic.

When you have consistent leads you have stability in your business.

The Aimful Ads Academy will equip you with the knowledge and resources so confidently launch Facebook Ads so that you can have leads coming in any time of the day or night, regardless of whether you’re eating dinner, sleeping in or enjoying a well earned holiday.


ADvisory course

Inside the Aimful Ads Academy you’ll get

The fully comprehensive Client Attraction Code program with 4 expert learning modules (Value $297)


12 months access to ADvisory incl:

A Complete 6-Step Framework 6 Modules, video lessons, worksheets, guides (Value $997)

Ad Spend/Revenue Calculators for:

Lead Generation (Value $97)
Applications Funnel (Value $97)
Webinars Funnel (Value $97)
Two-Step Funnel (Value $97)
Low Ticket Offers (Value $97)

Customizable Canva Templates (Value $350)

Ad Copy Templates (Value ($97)

Workbooks for:

Lead Generation (Value $197)
Application Funnels (Value $197)
Webinar Funnels (Value $197)
Two-Step Funnels (Value $197)
Low Ticket Offers (Value $197)
Lead Form Campaigns (Value $197)


Monthly Group Coaching Calls (Value $1500)

Unlimited private 15 minute 1:1 Q&A calls with Bianca McKenzie (Value $1500)

Private Student Facebook Group 

Total value $6,408

Normally $999

Prices are in USD. GST will be added for Australian buyers

“I’ve known for a long time that Bianca is my go-to person for all things Facebook advertising and recently I finally hired her for some one-to-one coaching. I learnt SO much in a short time and loved how she could explain all the intricacies so beautifully; I also felt empowered by all the knowledge she’s gleaned from managing so many varied Facebook advertising campaigns. The only thing I regret is not having done this sooner!”

Amanda Kendle

Here’s what you’ll get inside
the Aimful Advertising Academy

Client Attraction Module 1

Set up your Attraction Journey

Get the foundations for your strategy in place. Learn how to create ads that are compliant so you can avoid making costly mistakes that can get your ad account shut down.

Walk away with…

  • A clear roadmap of the strategy
  • The skills to set up your campaigns for maximum results
  • An understanding of how to create Ads that keep you on the good side of
  • Facebook (disapprovals be gone!)
  • A powerful and stress-free strategy you’ll love.

Client Attraction Module 2

Attracting the Audience

Get laser focussed on who your ideal client is and how to craft compelling ad copy. Discover where to find your dream clients and the little known way to know if the audience you target is likely to click on your ad.

Walk away with…

  • An understanding of who you’ll be targeting in your campaigns
  • The confidence to craft content that will attract the RIGHT people
  • Templates and examples to get you started the right way.
  • Audience targeting strategies that, when combined with great copy, ensure you’re attracting quality leads.

Client Attraction Module 3

Creating Campaigns that Connect

This is where the rubber really hits the road! Get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create your campaigns, your custom audiences and your “trinity” retargeting stack as well as a pro tip to build engagement for your ads.

Walk away with…

  • A simple, “Invisible Funnel” that will build awareness, affinity and authority with your audience.
  • The skills to avoid the biggest mistake when it comes to audience building on Facebook
  • An audience to continue to retarget (yes, even in the face of Apple and iOS 14).
  • A powerful but low fuss Ad Strategy that will make you “Facebook and Instagram Famous” (to your hottest potential clients)

Client Attraction Module 4

Metrics for Maximum Results

Learn exactly what metrics to measure so you can confidently make decisions and maximise your ad spend for positive returns.

Walk away with…

  • An understanding of what metrics matter for your campaigns
  • The confidence to change your ads when you need to (no more than weekly!)
  • An Ads Manager that’s optimised for easy reporting
  • An easy way to identify what’s working and what’s not.

ADvisory Module 1

Getting Started for Successful Facebook Ads

  • Avoid the mistakes that many Advertisers make by skipping the foundations to profitable Ads which ends up leaving them feeling like they have wasted their time and money.
  • Start out the gate with realistic expectations for your Ad Budgets and revenue goals so you can detach from the emotions and make data driven decisions.

ADvisory Module 2

The Cornerstones Of Facebook Ads

  • Discover ground zero for getting started with Facebook (Meta) Ads, the assets you must have and the biggest temptation to resist!
  • Correctly set up and install your Pixels so that Facebook can bring you the best quality leads for the lowest price.
  • Learn how Ad blockers, privacy policies and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency has changed the game for Facebook Advertising and what you must do when running Ads in this new era of advertising.

ADvisory Module 3

Creating Ads That Convert

  • Uncover the 5 elements your Ad needs to disrupt the social scrolling and draw your ideal client into your sphere of influence.
  • Learn how to write Ad copy that converts like a pro. Follow proven templates and frameworks that allow you to enter the conversation with your ideal client exactly where they are at to build your affinity and authority in your niche.

ADvisory Module 4

Proven Ad Strategies

  • Get your hands on the exact Ad strategies and frameworks that are used by Ad Managers who manage 7+ figures in Ad Spend so that you can eliminate the guesswork as you get ready to launch your Campaigns.
  • Workbooks, checklists and Strategies for Lead Generation, Webinars, Applications, Two Step Funnels and Low Ticket Offers.
  • Take the guesswork out of how much you can afford to pay for a new lead or sale with your Ad Campaign Calculators and anticipate results.

ADvisory Module 5

Time To Launch Your Ads!

  • Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong campaigns for your ads – even if Facebook tells you otherwise! Selecting the right objective for your goals is essential to bringing all your hard work together to get you the results you desire.
  • Confidently launch your first (or next) ads knowing that you have all the elements in place to attract and convert your ideal client.

ADvisory Module 6

Data Driven Decisions

  • Discover the truth about “Split Testing” that nobody (not even Facebook) is telling you.
  • Know what data to look at to quickly identify if something isn’t working and where the problem is – it may not be your ads!
  • Identify your winning ads and scale them fast with the A4 Method.

Expert Support

Monthly Group Q&A Calls +

Weekly Private 1:1 Q&A Calls +

Private Student Facebook Group

Facebook & Instagram ads change so often, it can be tricky to keep up with it all. Plus sometimes you need some input on what marketing activities to focus on for your business and not some mythical business. Or maybe you want a second pair of eyes on your analytics?

That’s why I’m supporting you 100% on this journey. You’ll be able to join monthly group coaching calls where we’ll look at your funnels, your ads and overall marketing strategy PLUS I reserve space in my calendar for you every week to book 15 minute private 1:1 calls throughout the year, to get personalised feedback on your entire business, setting up your foundations, your ads campaigns and aren’t pulling your hair out because you’re not sure what you’re looking at. I won’t let you do this alone. The best results come from surrounding yourself with support.

Whatever your ads or marketing questions, these calls will be available for you to access when you need them.

* Note: I block out 4 hours every Tuesday (AEDT timezone) for Q&A calls. Once all spots are booked that’s it for the week and you’ll have to wait for a spot the next week (this rarely happens).

What’s included when you join

  • The fully comprehensive Client Attraction Code Program with 4 expert learning modules (Value $297)
  • 12 Months Access to the ADvisory Program including:
  • A Complete 6-Step Framework to set yourself up for Facebook Ad success that is perfect for beginners, experienced advertisers and anyone in between with Video Lessons, PDFs and worksheets to support you through every step of the process. (Value $997)
  • Workbooks for 6 Proven Ad Strategies that you can use time and again for your Ads so that you do not miss an important step and waste your time or money with your Ad Campaigns. Complete with checklists for the funnel pages required, pixels to be installed, audiences to create and the Ads you need for every piece of your strategy. There are workbooks for:
    • Lead Generation Campaigns (Value $197)
    • Applications (Value $197)
    • Webinars (Value $197)
    • Two-Step Funnels (Value $197)
    • Low Ticket Offers (Value $197)
    • Lead Form Campaigns (Value $197)
  • Ad Spend Calculators to eliminate the guesswork and feel like you’re just throwing your money into the wind. Calculate your anticipated revenue based on your Ad spend and what benchmarks are needed to be hit with your Ad campaigns to achieve your goals. There are Calculators for:
    • Lead Generation/Lead Form Campaigns (Value $97)
    • Application Funnels (Value $97)
    • Webinar Funnels (Value $97)
    • Two-Step Funnels (Value $97)
    • Low Ticket Offers (Value $97)
  • Customizable Canva Templates our own graphically designed templates that you can rebrand with your colors and images to promote your blog posts, webinars, podcasts or free opt ins to capture the attention of your audience in the Newsfeed. (Value $350)
  • Ad Copy Templates – follow the frameworks of copywriting masters to quickly and easily create compelling copy that converts even if you feel writing is your weakest link! (Value $97)
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls, Unlimited Private 1:1 Q&A Calls & Private Student Facebook group Join me and other legends in the private student Facebook group for insights, support, advice on your business, ads, join monthly group coaching calls and tap into my expertise through the option of booking 15 minute 1:1 consultations as many times as you need throughout the year. My calendar is open every week for you to get my eyes on your campaigns. (This is the absolute GOLD of the program, I’m not letting you figure this out yourself and give you personalised advice for your business.) (Value $3000)

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of over $6,408.00

Even at $1997.00 this would the best investment you could make into your Facebook Ad Education but you’re in luck

You can get 12 months access to the Aimful Ads Academy (Including Private 1:1 Advertising and Launch Support) for $999 $777

Prices are in USD. GST will be added for Australian buyers
Payment plan purchasers commit to 7 x monthly payments

“ADvisory is an incredible Facebook Ad training!

I have been seriously blown away by how comprehensive the content is compared to other courses I have enrolled in.

I wish I had this style and quality of content when I was starting out, it would have answered a lot of my questions much more quickly and clearly.

Talia Browne

So much value, very robust techniques and strategies yet easy to understand and apply. The format of the course is very easy to digest with short videos which makes it enjoyable to watch. If you’re looking to bring your business to another level, don’t think twice.


Joining is 100% Risk-Free!

If you feel like you don’t get 10x the value from the training, you can email me anytime within 14 days and I will happily give you a full refund.

Have questions? I have answers

How long do I have access to the academy?

You will have 12 months Access to the Aimful Ads Academy including group and  private Q&A calls. This is not a ‘one and done’ type of course that once it’s created it sits untouched for years. The program will be getting constant updates as the Facebook Ad Platform changes. So for $2.12 a day, you will have the most up to date Facebook Advertising information at your fingertips.

How often is the content updated?

As we all know, Facebook is constantly changing. This is a ‘living program’ which means it will be getting new content and updated lessons as changes roll out on the platform every 60-90 days.

How does the Aimful Ads Academy compare to other Facebook Ad programs that are $2,000 or more?

Well, I haven’t done every other Facebook Ad Program out there, but I do know the Aimful Ads Academy and it is full of information that many of the expensive programs I’ve seen either skim over or miss out completely. It’s is well worth 10 x the price that it is. It’s simply priced so that it can be accessible to anyone who needs to learn Facebook Ads from a trusted source and receive the support they need throughout the year.

What happens after 12 months? Do I need to pay again?

When you join the Aimful Ads Academy you will be agreeing to purchase 12 month access the program. In approx 11 months time I will send you an email with the option to join for another 12 months access to the program and private calls. 

What if I want to cancel?

That’s no problem at all! Simply email us at hello@biancamckenzie.com at least 14 days before your annual payment is due and we’ll cancel it for you. Please note that signing up with a 6 month payment plan means that you’re committing to 6 monthly payments of $199 – you cannot cancel prior to 6 months are paid in full. 

How soon do I get access to the training?

You get access within 24 hours! Head over to your inbox within 24 hours after you purchase and get your login details.

How long will it take to go through the training?

You can get through all the video lessons in a weekend. Most lessons are quick and to the point! But to get the most benefit from the training there is work that you will need to implement so this will vary depending on your schedule.

When are the Q & A calls?

Monthly group calls are on Wednesdays or Thurdays at 10.00am AEDT/AEST. You’ll receive a calendar for the year when you join.

You have the option to book a private 15 minute Q&A calls on Tuesdays between 10.00am and 2.00pm AEDT/AEST. It is not compulsory to book calls, but the option is there to regularly have 15 minutes of my time on your ads or business. Please contact us if you have questions about the calls.

Note: Once all spots are booked that’s it for the week and you’ll have to wait for a spot the next week (this rarely happens).

How soon will I get results?

There are alot of variables and ‘getting results’ depends on your particular goals for your Facebook Ads. As soon as you start running Ads you will be getting data and results! The content inside the program will help you make decisions on this data to improve your results day after day. But allow yourself 90 days to launch, test, optimize and dial in all the pieces of your ads and funnels.

What is your refund policy?

If you feel like you don’t get 10x the value from the training, you can email me hello@biancamckenzie.com anytime within 14 days of purchasing access to the course and I will happily give you a full refund.

What if I've never launched a Facebook Ad?

You my friend are in the perfect place! The Aimful Ads Academy will guide you through the complete process and help you to make sure you have all the foundations in place before you spend a cent on Ads. And then when you’re ready to launch you’re ads, you’ll know exactly what to do.

What if I've been running Ads for a while? Will this help me?

With Facebook advertising changing all the time there are bound to be a few features or strategies that may have slipped by. Discovering just one golden nugget in the Aimful Ads Academy may be the key to unlocking more leads, sales and revenue in your business. Plus, the group and private support will be where you get the most value out of it because you get my eyes on your funnel and campaigns.

Are the strategies up-to-date and working now?

The strategies in the program are proven and work time and time again across various niches. Often it’s not the strategy that doesn’t work, but the foundational work hasn’t been done which may look like the strategy isn’t working. However, with the changes to the platform especially since iOS14 updates there are some updates as to how we implement the strategies. Since it is a “living program” with regular updates you will be getting the most up-to-date information.

Why wait any longer?

Organic marketing strategies will only get you so far and it’s a constant demand on your time. Facebook Ads are the key to helping you consistently attract and convert new Leads without you needing to be on your phone 24/7.

Prices are in USD. GST will be added for Australian buyers
Payment plan purchasers commit to 7 x monthly payments

It’s time to get unstuck with your Facebook Advertising

What is just ONE customer worth to your business?

If the Aimful Ads Academy could help you:

Finally start getting leads everyday for that free guide, webinar or application funnel that you spent weeks (or even months) working on and now it’s sitting there like an abandoned ghost town from the wild west with nothing but tumbleweeds rolling by.

Reduce the overwhelm when it comes to pixels, conversions and the question “How much do I need to spend?” by following step by step processes and setting realistic expectations for your Facebook Ads – whatever the budget – to remove the emotions and manage your campaigns like a professional Ad Strategist.

Say goodbye to wasting hours scrawling through Facebook groups for regurgitated 3rd hand information and watching out of date Youtube videos for the latest tips, tricks or hacks looking for that silver bullet that will finally make your Ads work like an “ATM Machine”.

Feel supported in your journey with private 1:1 Q&A calls. You no longer have to wrestle your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns alone, this program is fully supported with by expert ad managers who will give you personalised advice for your strategy and campaigns.

Would it make a difference to your life and business if 100 people joined your list, purchased your program or applied for your service in the next 12 months or even 90 days?

If all the Aimful Ads Academy did was get you one customer, it could pay for itself. And the beautiful thing? It can pay for itself over and over and over again.

If you said “Yes!”

Join the Aimful Ads Academy today

Prices are in USD. GST will be added for Australian buyers
Payment plan purchasers commit to 7 x monthly payments