Consistently grow your online store sales with Facebook & Instagram Advertising

because you absolutely can set up your own profitable ads, even if you've tried and failed before


Online shop owner, I see you 🙋‍♀️ you're updating Instagram every day, doing stories, spending ages creating reels. 

You're pretty much sharing your wares on every group and social media channel anyone might possibly be using.  

You've even shelled out for a website that's as beautiful and amazing as the products you're trying to sell.

But you’re shouting into the void. They're still not finding your online store or buying from you consistently.

You built it, but they didn’t come and you're not making the income you expected you would!

By now you’re starting to wonder if maybe you’re just not cut out for this.

Or maybe if you wait a little bit longer, or do even more reels they’ll come.
(Spoiler: they won’t)

Truth bomb 💣
What you’ve done so far has made a little bit of impact. But in order to change that and make a bigger impact, you’ve got to make a change.

Well... there's one incredibly powerful marketing trick you might not even know you have up your sleeve: the power of Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

As an online store owner, you're in the perfect spot to build your business using this highly targeted tool (and use it to make a living doing what you love best).

Facebook & Instagram ads help my clients have their biggest 💰 months. Ever.

How would your online store (and life!) be different if you could:

  • Easily attract more traffic, and more BUYERS to your online store?
  • Show them exactly what they’re interested in so they’re more likely to purchase?
  • Stop spending so much time shouting into the void and get targeted with who you attract to your store?
  • Confidently setup a system to bring you sales on auto pilot, consistently?
  • Predict that for every dollar you spend in advertising you’d get $2, $5, $40 or more back?
  • Celebrate bigger months with more revenue?
  • Finally have the financial freedom you had in mind when you started your online store?

Think that you can't do it yourself because it's too complicated?
No way, you can get your ads up today! 


The step by step method to setting up Facebook & Instagram ads that will elevate your brand, increase your traffic, boost your revenue and put your store sales on autopilot.

At last, I'm sharing the exact steps high-end clients pay to create converting Facebook Ads campaigns. Made simple.

  • Timeless, proven strategies
    The Facebook ads manager dashboard is a powerhouse that offers you so many tactics and ways to set up your ads. It can be confusing at best and a nightmare at worst. I’m sharing proven strategies and tactics that have worked for many of my clients & students and have consistently created results for a number of years. 
  • Learn from a Facebook & Instagram ads strategist who is in-the-trenches every single day
    The lessons and resources you get access to are proven to work in today’s Facebook ads climate. You’ll get access to the latest insights and strategies that work right now, and I know because this is what I do
  • Done for your templates
    My students have indicated that one of their stumbling blocks has been to write copy that is both enticing and gets approved by Facebook’s critical eyes so I’m making things easier for you by giving you access to done-for-you templates. I’ve crafted copy for you that you can adapt for your own store. Easy!
  • Follow & copy along video training
    If you learn best by copying what someone else is doing, this training is meant for you. Inside I’m sharing my screen so that you can see exactly which buttons to press and fields to complete. You can follow along, pause and copy what I demonstrate.

Here's what you'll learn...

Facebook & Instagram Ads Essentials

✔︎ Understand the structure of a Facebook Ad so that you learn what makes a winning ad. 

✔︎ Appreciate how important Facebook is in advertising today and how your online store (and bank account) will benefit. 

✔︎ Navigate your way around Ads Manager tools and features so that you can confidently set up your ads. 

✔︎ Understand the Facebook Pixel, what it is, what it does, why it's Important.  

✔︎ Set up your Facebook Ads Pixels so that you can track every dollar spent, and every dollar made from Facebook ads.

How to setup your own Facebook & Instagram Ads  

✔︎ Understand all Facebook Campaign Marketing Objectives to choose the best option for your campaigns.

✔︎ Create website conversion ads that will sell your goods and make you money.  

✔︎ Use various ad creatives from images, to carousels, and videos to get people clicking and buying. 

✔︎ Create and utilize Custom and Lookalike Audiences so that you’re really tapping into what Facebook has to offer and put your store sales on autopilot.

How to Analyze and tweak your Ads  

✔︎ Create customised reporting for better analysis so that you get the most out of your advertising dollar. 

✔︎ Perform your own split tests that will help you set up even better ads and bring in more store sales. 

✔︎ Learn easy scaling methods for beginners to make sales consistently and on autopilot.


✔︎ Examples of e-commerce ads from my personal swipe file that will give you ideas for your own Facebook ads.

✔︎ Private Facebook Group to ask your questions and a place to tap into my Facebook ads expertise.

✔︎ 10 Done For You copy scripts for your ads so that you can turn more of your traffic into sales without having to do a copywriting course.

✔︎ Complete recording of the December 2020 live round including website audits, ads preparation, ads setup and analytics so that you can confidently prepare your store for ads and get your ads up and converting.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 2 Hour step-by-step video training (value $600)
    Learn how to craft, design and set up Facebook and Instagram ads for your online store that will increase your traffic, elevate your brand and boost your store sales. 
  • Facebook Pixel setup lesson (value $67)
    Learn how to install the magic behind Facebook advertising, aka the Facebook pixel, so that you can accurately track your results and apply its power to increase your online store sales.
  • Facebook ads calculator (value $67)
    Use the handy calculator spreadsheet to predict your Facebook advertising return on investment before spending any actual money on advertising. 
  • Swipe file of advertising examples (value $29)
    Get inspiration from my personal database of advertising examples so you know what to create and set up for your own store to get the best possible return from your ads.
  • Private Facebook group (value $300)
    Join the student Facebook group for insights, support, advice on your ads, and tap into my expertise without the need for a 1:1 consultation.
  • Done for you copy scripts (value $149)
    Skip the challenging task of writing copy for your Facebook and Instagram ads with my done-for-you scripts. I’ve created 10 copy scripts that you can easily adapt and use for your own ads and start selling more right now.

You get life-time access to all the course materials and future course updates.


  • 2 Hour step-by-step video training (value $600)
  • Facebook Pixel setup lesson (value $67)
  • Facebook Ads calculator (value $67)
  • Swipe file of advertising examples (value $29)
  • Private Facebook Group (value $300)
  • Done-for-you advertising scripts (value $149)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $1212 but you can enroll today for a special

investment of AUD$497

or 12 payments of $45


Prices are in Australian dollars = approx $370 USD or £270
Check your exchange rates if you’re in another country – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

There’s literally no risk involved, because you’re backed by our 21-day money back guarantee! 

This program has the power to profoundly change your business (and store sales!). We’re not hyping it up - we’re basing it on results we’ve achieved for clients and past students who took action.

We’re confident that if you do the work, you’ll get incredible value and remarkable results. Buy it, try it, apply it. You’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee. For more details, click here.

“Before your training I found FB ads a nightmare. I wasn't feeling confident about investing money into ads. I now feel much more confident after seeing some neat targeting features that I'll be using. I also have a better idea of what success metrics I should be aiming for."

Sandra Muller,

As the owner of an e-commerce business, I knew that I needed to start running ads to my audience to maximise my large Instagram following and increase leads from Facebook.  I did some free Shopify training on Facebook ads, and whilst it taught me some great skills, there was still quite a gap in my knowledge.  I did Bianca’s course after ‘meeting’ her in another digital group.

The course covered everything I was looking for and more, right down to, how to work out whether ads are even right for you.  I found the value in the course, for the price I paid, was excellent, with so much content and live recorded trainings that made it easy to follow along with.

I would definitely recommend this course to other product based businesses, even if you intend to outsource ads, this will give you great functional knowledge to know what you want to achieve and not waste your hard earned cash.

Samantha Bright

Bianca McKenzie

So, who am I to teach you about FB Ads?  

One client called me “the Facebook Ads specialist you save up for to get on your team” and another put me on her vision board years before we worked together.  

I’m Bianca McKenzie and I get paid to make Facebook pay your bills. I’ve created this training to teach movers and shakers, big dreamers, and people who want to make the right noise in a saturated market how to connect with the right clients so you can grow your business in a way that makes sense to you.  

Saving you hours and hours and tears and frustration and trying to figure it all out on your own. So you can build your own engaged, raving client base. So you can make bank.

The Facebook ads for ecommerce program is perfect for you if:

  • You sell physical products via your own online shop (think Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce etc, but not Etsy)
  • Your average order value or product that you sell is at least $50, but ideally more (I'm going to be honest here... getting a return on your ad spend for a low priced product or low average order value is incredibly hard, and sometimes impossible.)
  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure out Facebook and Instagram ads once and for all, elevating your brand and increasing your online store sales to support your dream life.
  • You’ve been building an audience on social media for a while, you’ve sold your beautiful products but you want to speed things up and grow your store and income even further.
  • You’d like a little hand-holding when you dip your toes into the Facebook ads waters.
  • You’re not afraid to try something new and you want to know more about Facebook ads before you potentially hand them over to someone else (because knowledge is power!)

Why today is the right time to join:

When you set up your online store you gave yourself a couple of months to make a real go of this. You’ve done well so far but you’d really like to make more sales so that you can support your family/go on more holidays/quit your day job/or fulfil any other dream you may have.

Facebook and Instagram ads can help you do that and I'm the one to teach you how! 

I want you to be adding an extra $5,000 (or more) to your revenue each month.

I want you to be turning $500 into $9,000, on repeat.

Don’t let another year go by before you grow your shop sales and make your dreams come true. In a year from now I want you to thank yourself for the decision you made today!

Here are some of the results my clients achieved:

“I’ve known for a long time that Bianca is my go-to person for all things Facebook advertising and recently I finally hired her for some one-to-one coaching. I learnt SO much in a short time and loved how she could explain all the intricacies so beautifully; I also felt empowered by all the knowledge she’s gleaned from managing so many varied Facebook advertising campaigns. The only thing I regret is not having done this sooner!”

Amanda Kendle, Blogging & Social Media Consultant

“For the first time my Facebook advertising actually worked. I spend $193 on ads made $6,000! Now that’s what I call return on investment! Thanks Bianca!”

Kate Toon, Recipe for SEO Success

  • 2 Hour step-by-step video training (value $600)
  • Facebook Pixel setup lesson (value $67)
  • Facebook Ads calculator (value $67)
  • Swipe file of advertising examples (value $29)
  • Private Facebook Group (value $300)
  • Done-for-you advertising scripts (value $149)

Facebook Ads can be truly potent, powerful and profitable. 

Start increasing your store sales today. 

Your investment: AUD$497

or 12 payments of $45

Prices are in Australian dollars = approx $370 USD or £270
Check your exchange rates if you’re in another country – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Got questions? I have answers:


This is a beginner to intermediate level course, ideal if you've never run Facebook ads but have setup your ads account, have boosted a few posts or run a campaign or two and are ready to learn more. It's essential that you have your own store (like Shopify, WooCommerce, Big commerce etc) and not a store on someone else's platform like Etsy.  


If you need to contact us, please email Please note that we do not offer free one-on-one consultations. Email contatct is solely for admin purposes.


We use Thinkific as our delivery platform. You'll be asked to create an account when you purchase the course. If you have trouble with accessing the course, please let us know via


This online course is taught in video format. It's a recording of an online live training. The course content is still very relevant but Facebook often makes cosmetic changes to the ads manager so I update it regularly. You get to copy what I'm doing on my screen.  


I tried that for a couple years myself…and left with very little to show for it. (Yikes). A lot of the info you’ll find on Google was written ages ago (or published without a date?!) with strategies that are now obsolete.  

Don’t make the mistake of spending all your time trawling old blog posts with outdated information. Instead, FB Ads for e-Commerce shares proven methods you’ll only find inside the course. It’s also updated on a regular basis to ensure that the lessons are relevant and fresh, because let’s be honest, we all know Facebook ads changes every second!  

Plus it’s also one of the very few courses that gives you lifetime access which means that you don’t have to keep up to date with what Facebook has changed because that’s my job.


You can either learn Facebook Ads the hard way and waste more money than the price of this program, or you can join us, invest a little bit of time, and walk away with conversions and no extra grey hairs.  

Most courses aren’t setup in a practical way, and have lots of unnecessary stuff leading you to feel overwhelmed. Unlike other courses out there, this course walks you through the process, every step of the way with a video for you to follow along. You’ll get your ads up and running in no time, and you’ll see results.


Absolutely! As long as you are open to learning new things you will be fine. For anything somewhat technical I demonstrate how to do it yourself through my video tutorial that you can follow along.


You can start today. Enrollments are open continuously and you have access to ALL materials straight after your payment is processed.


I’ve poured my heart and soul into this program, and I truly believe in the value it provides. I’m sure you won’t need this, but I’m offering you a 21 day satisfaction guarantee because I want you to feel really confident investing in FB Ads for e-commerce.  

If you work through the course, implement what you learn and are not totally happy, I will refund your enrollment cost (100%).  

The tools and strategies you’ll learn within will, if followed, offer you a great return on investment and much, much more. As long as you’re prepared to commit to the learning process and immerse yourself in the teachings and strategies provided you will get immense value out of this course.  

Please note that ‘change of mind’ refunds are not permitted according to Australian Consumer Law. We ask that you demonstrate that you have participated in the course and implemented the lessons before requesting a refund. Proof includes screenshots of your Facebook advertising account to show that you have implememented the lessons.  

Refunds must be requested in writing to within 21 days of the course purchase date to be eligible.  

Turned $541.32 ad spend into $55,572 sales for an online footwear brand

Turned $119 ad spend into $4,590.45 sales for an online children’s toy and book store


  • 2 Hour step-by-step video training (value $600)
  • Facebook Pixel setup lesson (value $67)
  • Facebook Ads calculator (value $67)
  • Swipe file of advertising examples (value $29)
  • Private Facebook Group (value $300)
  • Done-for-you advertising scripts (value $149)

Buy now at AUD$497

or 12 payments of $45

Prices are in Australian dollars = approx $370 USD or £270
Check your exchange rates if you’re in another country – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!