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Do you need to get unstuck with your marketing strategy or online offering?

Hey there, do you have a pressing issue in your business that you need help with or just want a few questions answered? If you answered YES PLEASE, then here is a one-off easy option to work with me.

As an online marketing and Facebook ads strategist, speaker, blogger, teacher and more, I get requests almost daily from people to “pick my brain” and ask me questions about building and growing a business which is super awesome!

Maybe you're stuck on:

Your marketing strategy

Email marketing

Creating an action plan

Setting up your software

Your message

Pricing your offers

Structuring your sales funnel

Choosing software programs such as your email marketing platform

Creating blog content

or maybe you want some feedback on your website, marketing or social media?

or something else?

In this session we'll:

>> Before we’ll connect I will ask you to answer some questions in regards to your current business and marketing situation. I’ll also ask you what you’re hoping to walk away with after our session together. 

>> We’ll connect on Zoom at the scheduled time and we start by going over your answers in the questionnaire, your vision and your ideal outcome. 

>> During the session, we’ll dive into your ideal outcome and I’ll tailor the session to your needs with coaching, mentoring, strategy, analysis, and/or a review of your work.

>> We’ll dive into what is going on and what you can do to move in the direction of your vision. 

>> After the session I’ll provide you with a set of notes and additional resources (if applicable) and you have the option to record the session.

So, if you would like to book in 1:1 time to “Pick my brain”, which means that you get to talk to me personally

to ask me anything and everything* you’d like then just book your session here!
We’ll get together by talking on Zoom about your business question or anything you need help with.

Unsure of what I can help with? I can answer questions about online marketing, marketing strategy, social media, WordPress websites, Divi websites, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, content creation, goal setting and planning, designing images, marketing automation, email marketing, blogging, sales funnels, landing pages, sales pages, launching, creating courses, building a business, growing a service based business, growing a product based business, hiring and outsourcing, running webinars, hosting events and lots more.

1 x 60 minute chat 1:1 via Zoom (recorded)
Your investment: AUD$220 incl. GST 


** Pps. This session is not for Facebook Ads Reviews… you can book them here or Facebook Ads management… you can apply here.

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