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Sell (more of) your online course with Meta Ads

Learn my 4-ad stack method to attract leads and amplify your online course sales

This free training is for you if:

  • You want to sell more of your online course or membership but you're not attracting new leads!
  • You're struggling to get in front of and attract more of your ideal clients to buy your course
  • You're absolutely ready to serve more people and turn your new leads into sales over and over
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Bianca McKenzie
Digital Marketer

Bianca has taken 16+ years of digital marketing experience and turned it into a roadmap for attracting more of your dream clients, turning them into leads and getting them to buy your online course.

This online class will teach you:

The 4-ad stack method to sell your course

Learn which 4 type of campaigns to run to increase visibility, build authority, attract leads and get those 'hell yes' buyers.

Which ads to run at each stage of your launch

Find out which ads to run during each of your launch phases to effortlessly fill your launch events and sell your course.

A simple way to run cash-positive ads

Get an instant return on your ad spend by making this simple change to your funnel so that your ad budget stretches further.

Ready to sell more of your online course with Meta ads?